And on that note: time to throw suggestions for the September books at me, please!

@Julia is it too late to suggest a book? I’d like to nominate Bringing Columbia Home, a memoir about the space shuttle Columbia disaster, written by the folks tasked with recovering the shuttle and her astronauts. This was the most recent book I have cried over.

@Smilodonichthys That was just in time! I posted the poll and THEN saw your toots so I included them. Thank goodness for that delete and re-draft option.

@Julia My second suggestion is Marie Antoinette’s Watch, about “The Queen” a watch that was commissioned by Marie’s lover, became the obsession of its maker to the point he kept working on it during the height of the terror despite the possibility of getting his head cut off for it., and was famously stolen by a cat burglar in the 80s only to be returned by his grieving widow in 2004. If I had to choose one book to be made into a movie I’d chose this one.

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