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Felix Ever After spoilers 

Oh nooooo I'm already devastated and also I hate everyone. About an hour and a half to go.

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Felix Ever After spoilers 

I almost don't want to keep listening because I feel like if this doesn't end in a polycule (and I feel like I'd have heard about it if it did) I'm going to be devastated for somebody. Not fair.

Re: HP references

There are a lot of them. My friends and I were nerds and identified with Hogwarts houses too, but I don't ever remember talking about them this much. We were mostly anime nerds though so I guess instead of talking about our houses we just traded fanfiction/fanart.

I'm not really bothered by the HP references, the author is quoted in some articles talking about the series being important to them and JKR hurting them. It's *so* much, I'm like "lol nerd" but affectionately.

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Felix Ever After is really good so far.

I'll probably finish it tomorrow, or definitely by the weekend.

Lots of Harry Potter references (ew) and other current-ish pop culture references that are always weird for me, like a lot of YA books these days don't feel meant to last like the ones I used to read with made up music and tv shows.

But I guess if it goes long enough for them to not make sense anymore, people might just assume all these references are made up the same way!

Comic delivery day!

Probably won't get to them till tomorrow but I am *excited* for these.

Related, the Disney Hawkeye series was really good and very much in the feel of the comics, though apparently they didn't pay David Aja for blatant use of his art/designs. I know they're allowed to do that, just encouraging people to check out the books too if you haven't yet because they're amazing and his art is so unique and interesting.

Written in the Stars, Harry Potter 

Okay this definitely meanders into the millennials needing to read another book and this was released in *2020*.

Makes me feel gross about reading it every time a Hogwarts house is mentioned and there just *has* to be a less yucky shorthand for "this character is a nerd who likes nerd things."

Any other NYT crossword nerds?

I like the Thursday ones best because finding the gimmick always makes me smile. And today's also gave me nice nostalgia feelings.

(That's not a spoiler, the mentions come quick in the book, are related to other things, and i have no idea yet really if they're actually meaningful/intentional. It just made me cringe right away because I'm on the lookout for that sort of plot.)

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Currently reading: "Written in the Stars" by Alexandria Bellefleur

I've found fluffy queer romances are the only thing that reliably captures my attention so I'm gonna stick with it for awhile.

I like this one because so far there's minimal conflict and it's about people almost my age for a nice change.

But Mercury and in particular Mercury-in-retrograde keeps coming up so I have Concerns. I *hate* conflict and miscommunication tropes.

Hopefully it's quick if it is foreshadowing.

Riverdale ch 100 

It was so good.

Honestly compared to some of this show's plots this isn't even contrived or weird, I'm on board.

Nice minor Sabrina tie in also.

I *really* appreciate the audacity of the in-universe comic of their lives featuring a drowned Jason on one cover to show it is the tv version and the words "regular teenagers" on another. XD Just regular teens with regular problems.

Spoilers: Riverdale ch 99 

I really hope that one and only one thing from the Rivervale universe gets carried over to the main universe and that it's Cheryl being an immortal witch.

Also maybe Sabrina, I found her like 90% less annoying as a background character.

Started reading (with my ears) The Falling In Love Montage by Ciara Smyth. I can tell I like it because my typing speed doubled and my work day flew by.

Yay cute lesbian romcoms.

My phone kept trying to write that as romcon. Phone, I don't even think that's a word, what are you doing.

Capitalism, work, good news 

I've been working two jobs (one full, one weekends only) for the past 9 months, and I have been *t i r e d.*

But mostly I've been at that part time job because of a manager I love to pieces and would hate to abandon, and her higher ups are making her leave.

It's gonna be really fun when half their staff leaves with her.

But for *me* as much as I'm mad at the way they treat her and all of us, I'm really excited to have weekends again.

Cw: chilling adventures of Sabrina comic #9, rape 

Short version: my recommendation is to skip this one, and *maybe* also just drop this series entirely.

Longer version: nothing really happens in it anyway, there's a lot of reminding you what just happened in their universe and then for no reason we're told Edward rapes a demon between panels. If she wasn't in the story literally nothing would change. TBH this kind of bullshit is why I often wonder if we should stop letting men write things.

If anyone wants a handy reminder (though I will probably boost this later lol)

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Six of Crows ch 4-6 

More characters!

I'll withhold judgement on Matthias till at least the next section.

Nina I can't decide if I like or not. She was slightly mean to Inej so I'm mad at her but she seems kind of funny when not distressed so I'll give her time.

Also it seems silly that she wouldn't guess about the fighting arena but then I remember she doesn't have TV and it isn't fair to expect her to know tropes, so that's fine.

Six of Crows ch 1-3, audiobook specifically 

One of the readers (Kaz's stuff I think) sounds just like Jason Marsden. It makes me feel like I'm watching one of my comfort shows from the 90s and makes me happy.

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Six of Crows ch 1-3 

Apparently I hadn't actually finished chapter 3 yesterday and we *do* hear about the healer again.

Oh no.

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Six of Crows ch 1-3 

I don't have a lot to say since at this point it's mostly character intros, but here's my impressions of all the characters I remember meeting so far.

Inej - badass knife-lady, 10/10 would read all about her

Kaz - this is basically if Spot from Newsies grew up a lil then went through the plot of The Thief, so I love him

Joost - seems useless and I think he just exists to showcase the healer, who I hope comes back but I forget her name

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