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I found my favorite place in FFXIV so far, this magical fairy mushroom cave with adorable animal-like creatures.

So I sat down and ate some food hoping I'll have to stay there forever now. :blobheartcat:

Riverdale ch 88 

Hiram asked Reggie to get him "a ghost gun."

Apparently that just means untraceable but until he clarified I definitely was just expecting either a gun to kill ghosts or the ghost of a gun and either way I was ok with that. Like sure, that tracks for this show.

fear street (netflix) spoilers, plot questions 

ok but *why* does bleeding on the bones give someone visions/make them a target??????????

i've watched it twice now and it just gets more confusing the more i watch.

my *other* plothole questions have mostly been resolved or at least i've got headcanons i can accept, but the blood thing is just bananas.

Just finished rewatching the Sabrina finale (spoilers) 

I also want to emphasize that my hatred of Sabrina is not Kiernan Shipka's fault. I've liked her in other things and hated Sabrina in just about every adaptation of the comics. So it's not even a writer thing. TBH it's a frequent issue I have with many series and I'm starting to think I just hate main characters. A consequence of them needing to make bad choices for drama. Prudence would probably suck too if she had to make the story happen.

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Just finished rewatching the Sabrina finale (spoilers) 

So like. I hate Sabrina. The character, I mean. Love the show, for the most part. But Sabrina as a character just bugs me to no end. I've said many times that when this series ends they should do a Sabrina-free spinoff.

But the way they actually killed her was ridiculous and cheap and annoys me even more than she does. And on top of everything she's still the center of the comic continuation, so it didn't even mean anything for the story.


More Sabrina is coming. In my favorite format. Two different series even!

Also Dorcas is on the cover of the one that's a continuation of the Netflix show and I'm really hoping that actually means something.

Playtesting a friend's RPG system and basically just playing Niamh from Any Way The Wind Blows but with plants instead of animals.

She was definitely the best part of the book and was just instantly in my head as the sort of character I'd enjoy playing.

I know the Simon Snow trilogy is over but maybe it's time for the Niamh and/or Agatha trilogy.

Any Way the Wind Blows, bi visibility long version 

So I kind of see two sides of this. I still love the books. I like the portrayal of sexuality as fluid and I think enough attention is given to both characters' relationships to be clear it's not a phase or something. As individuals it's just a fact of who they are, and that's great.

Taken as a whole and in the context of bi erasure everywhere, the word matters and I'd like just one of Rowell's many bi-appearing characters to actually use it.

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Any Way the Wind Blows, bi visibility long version, spoilers 

The other maybe-bi character is Agatha. She has a relationship with another woman develop over the course of the book that doesn't actually resolve until almost the end.

It's not like it comes out of nowhere, I was cheering for them almost from the start. But it's all hints and subtext for most of the book, and at no point does Agatha describe or consider her sexuality to herself, the reader, or her new girlfriend.

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Any Way the Wind Blows, bi visibility long version 


Pros: the book actually used the word bisexual and there's a second maybe-bisexual character

Cons: no one actually uses the word to describe themselves.

Baz assumes Simon is gay and when S objects B asks if he's bisexual. Nope! He's still just not really sure "which flag to wave at pride," which is cute and fits the demi reading I had, but that still leaves this book and series falling short on bi rep.

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Any Way the Wind Blows review 

Hurray, I finished it! I'm sad it's over but glad it ended well.

Bi visibility, short version: if you're unsatisfied with how Rowell handles it elsewhere this isn't going to help.

Ending tied everything up a little *too* neatly too fast, but I liked it. Still mostly satisfying.

Audiobook version, it was sometimes hard to keep track of who was narrating each chapter, since it jumps so frequently but it's still the same person reading it.

I give it like 3.9/5.

Social anxiety, Facebook 

Recently met someone with the same unique first name of my fifth grade best friend I haven't talked to in 25 years so I decided to find her on Facebook and see what she's been up to. Seems like she's good, yay!

Unfortunately, I did this on my phone and hit "like" when I was trying to scroll, panicked, *then* noticed it was from a long time ago because she doesn't post much, so now I have to hide under a rock until I forget it happened. 😅

I'm gonna come back and respond to recs people made tonight, now just on a short work break.

But thanks! I'll be looking into all of them soon. I've been a little busy and exhausted.

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Can anyone recommend for me a cute YA queer romance that doesn't have the part where one or both (or *all* if there's a poly version!) parties has a misunderstanding that ruins everything and there's drama for like three chapters?

This is my chill time, I just want them to be cute and happy and know how to communicate!

Currently "Any Way The Wind Blows" by Rainbow Rowell.

I hate Simon *so much*.

That is all for now.

Amazon, Rainbow Rowell 

CW-ing because I know both those things have their issues but for anyone who's interested...

I just saw that the Kindle versions of the first two Simon Snow books are both on sale right now, the first for $1.99 and the second for $2.99.

Finished reading The Passing Playbook this weekend. Audiobooks go fast!

I meant to say more about it while I was reading, but I'll just think about it and come back with more thoughts later. Or maybe play it again to remind me and catch more details.

Quick notes: very good, not perfect but lots of good rep things, minimal drama-causing misunderstandings (I hate those)

Also it's partly about soccer so I kinda want to read Tangerine again, but that's a rough book so maybe not.

Reading "The Passing Playbook" for my choice this month. Yay, reading!

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