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Kind of want to read some Loki comics today. Will I finally read Journey Into Mystery, or reread Young Avengers for the third time?


Working from home is amazing and I never want to leave home for work again.

Sadly my job is supposed to be back in the office later this year, but I'm still holding out how they'll somehow change their minds and let me stay here. I'm so much more productive comfy at home with minimal distracting social awkwardness.

I don't know if this character exists through the whole book or just briefly, but for right now A Desolation Called Peace is a surprise book and it's very cute and good. Yay!

not book-related, trans stuff, binding 

New binder, yay! Well, kind of. New compression top from tomboyx because actual binder was getting a little too uncomfy just to sit and type all day but so is not binding at all.

I'll probably post again after wearing it a few times to see if it stays comfy, but so far I really like it! More smoothening than flattening, it works because I'm fat and wearing a fairly loose shirt. But also it's not cramping my back. I like that part a lot.

Anyone else just completely unable to deal with character deaths in their books? I must not mind too much in tv because I still watch Riverdale, but let me connect at all to a book character and you better never take that character away from me or I will cry like I've known them my whole life and my heart is empty and also broken. Also I'll probably never read it again.

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Books read so far this week:

All Systems Red (hilarious, sweet, fun, I loved it and am already excited to read the next even though there's a few others in line ahead of it)

They Both Die At The End (crushing, beautiful, so much crying, but I'm glad I finally got over my character death reluctance and gave it a chance because it's excellent)

Next up:

A Desolation Called Peace

New job = less stress and more time = BOOKS.

This week I read "Boyfriend Material" by Alexis Hall (an author with several books on my "to read" list for years but the first time I actually got to one!) and "What Big Teeth" by Rose Szabo.

And then I started "All Systems Red" by Martha Wells and will probably finish it this weekend, and then will finally get to "A Desolation Called Peace" by Arkady Martine.

Whew! It's *so good* to be reading again. And I'm very glad for audiobooks.

ffxiv fanfest squee (some capslock) 

BUNNY BOYS. Also some cute lil moon rabbits, but also BUNNY BOYS. HURRAY.

I'm so excited. The haircuts! The outfits! The spinny spinny! I love them. I can't wait to play one. They're adorable and beautiful and perfect and I don't even care what else happens in this expansion, I just wanna run around Eorzea as an adorable bunny boy.

I was just reminded of A Memory Called Empire and wondered if the second book was available yet.

It is! And I have an audiobook credit!


Time for another biased poll.

Do you know what CC and BCC stand for in eMail without having to look it up?

I would appreciate it if you boosted this toot. :-)

(I'm aware the bunny ears in the gold saucer exist and are probably actually a closer look, but not so much on an au ra. Might try that later with a hyur. Might actually make a hyur character just for that.)

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I was talking to some friends about needing boy vieras in FFXIV and one of them said you could use the bunny head that was released recently as the closest thing.

Look, I'm a viera!


New favorite youtube channell: Bailey Meyers.

She does a drinking game/storytime combo called GooseDrunks where she reads Goosebumps books and I love it.

Also I didn't realize how short Goosebumps books were.

Also this counts as reading. I've read like 5 books this week. Yup.

Training for my new job involves being on camera in a group call all day every day.

Several times I see this cute guy in the corner of the screen and I'm like "wait who's that?"

Then I'm like "wait it's me, I'm the cute guy!" 😲

Testosterone is magic.


I finished everything I wanted on the Moogle event. I have "too many characters" (in quotes because it's a thing I've heard but don't actually believe) but I keep them at different points in the story for when I'm not in the mood to do hard things. So I only have 3 characters who could actually get anything from this and they all did! Yay.

And then I immediately went and played a little of the msq on my favorite lower level character. Because I'm shy and that was a lot of group activity.

Yooooooooooooooooooo it's the last weekday I work at my shitty job!

They've really been ramping up all the stuff that makes me want to leave lately, so I'm so happy right now that I'm almost done I almost wanna cry. XD

Still gonna work there weekends but goodness I'm so done with being there very day.

podcast rant update, last one i swear 

After I had calmed down a little from my rant here, I found the podcast on instagram and left them a comment suggesting they reach out to people within the communities they're discussing next time.

They responded fairly well so I'm willing to extend some grace and remember that for a lot of people without vocal autistic friends A$ probably is still the loudest voice and they just don't know better.

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Also updates/final thoughts:

I misunderstood who the speakers were because auditory processing and walking-while-listening: 3 hosts, one guest "expert."

They apologized to Australians for bad accents and getting info from Crocodile Dundee but seriously considered making "The Amazing Dumbo" the episode title and no apology to us for that or for using Rain Man as a reliable source.

They posted a graphic about not using functioning language on instagram so there's that.

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Ok, finished the episode. It may have been a mistake to start with this book, I'm always going to start off skeptical when NT folks talk about autism. But I did start with this one, so now I have no interest in continuing with the podcast.

Which is helpful, because I already have more podcasts than I ever have time to listen to.

Should-be-obvious tip: if you're gonna talk about a group of people that doesn't include you, *listen to some of those people." How is this still happening?

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