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non-book, job interview, mental health, money thoughts 

Good news! Kind of.

I was wrong about how much I made. It was bugging me so I went to look at my actual paycheck and I make less than I thought I did!

So really it's only $3.67/hr less. And if I can keep working my current job just one day a week I'd actually be making more. HMMM.

I have some thinking to do. And probably questions to ask to find out if I'm allowed to do that.

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non-book, job interview, mental health, money thoughts 

Just had a job interview over the phone. I was afraid it was going to be a surprise zoom call so I got all dressed up and even wore a tie. I looked cute!

I love everything about the job except that I'd be taking a $5.50/hr pay cut. Yikes.

So what it comes down to basically is that I can't decide if my mental health is worth that much. Which is. A really weird depressing thing to say. But like. My partner doesn't work and I'm scared.

Not book related, violence, depression/anxiety, self harm 

Do you ever just wanna punch your feelings in the face?

(Actually coming up with this wording just now helped because I often think I want to punch *myself* in the face and think how much I hate myself, and I just now realized that's not true. I *like* me, I hate these awful feelings. Go away, bad feelings!)

Gotta fix up my resume and put in some applications. Like, *lots* of applications.

Luckily I have blogs to write and shows to watch and ffxiv to play when I need breaks.

And at some point I'm gonna make red velvet brownies from scratch. That's exciting.

Neither my sister or I plan on ever having children and my mom definitely wanted grandkids so she was bothered by that for awhile. Then a nice couple from her church had a baby and basically adopted my mom as a grandma because the kid's bio grandparents all live far away.

Anyway my mom texted me a v-day card featuring her grandkid and I'm just really happy she's been able to embrace a found family thing and still have kids without needing us on the same page. It's sweet.

I need to go back to sleep so I can be as well rested as possible for the nightmare work's set to be today. But I just realized *I actually have a favorite book!* 😲

There's this screenshot that goes around my friends a lot about it being impossible to pick just one favorite. And I get that, and there's lots of books that are just as good.

But my emotional attachment to The Thief is *strong* and elevates it to definitely my favorite of all favorites. And I wanna talk about it.

After work. πŸ˜‘

While trying to find another book on comixology I noticed Kieron Gillen's Young Avengers omnibus is on sale for $7.99.

This is one of my favorite series and definitely worth a read, especially if you like Gillen's other work.

(I did a quick look on kobo because I know a lot of people have very legitimate issues with amazon. It's currently on sale there for $14.39, still a decent price. And probably available to borrow from libraries.)

And to start audio-reading "What Big Teeth" by Rose Szabo because it was advertised to me as being a little like "Wilder Girls" and I loved that book.

My old fashioned reading with my eyes attempts still aren't going well. Might be all audiobooks for awhile and I'm gonna try to embrace that.

does anyone have any reccs for authors with the magic realism weirdness style of murakami? stone gods by winterson really has what i love, but i'm not feeling it in her other books.

I'm not a huge fan of the MCU in general. Watched most of the early ones, but almost none of the sequels.

WandaVision is so good though. I've watched every episode twice and even went back to watch Civil War for the first time and then back even further because I didn't realize Age of Ultron came first and I hadn't seen that either.

I mean, I'm *still* watching it after like 3 days because apparently I can't sit through an mcu film. But I'll finish it eventually.

Sex Archie podcast, very silly puns 

I was listening on my walk to work this morning and now don't quite remember the full context and I'm sure these quotes won't be exactly right, but the punchline came to mind and still makes me smile.

Taking about thespians, Grant said something like "lovely bunch of ladies."

"There were some dudes!"

"Oh yes, I support he/him thespians, absolutely."


This is a very good podcast.

CW's Nancy Drew, s2e1 spoilers, caps lock 

BOBBSEY TWINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I *loved* the New Bobbsey Twins books when I was in first grade or so. Mysteries *and* twins!?! Wow! Obviously these are the best books.

Caught up on CW's Nancy Drew and Riverdale, now onto Batwoman.

Also watching WandaVision.

It's so weird to have shows that update weekly instead of all at once again.

A few years ago I contributed to the Fate Accessibility Toolkit (autism section). I'm proud of it and I think it's worth reading. But I was a late addition to the project and didn't have long to really sit with the concept.

Lately I've been thinking a lot more about how autism actually affects my gaming and I have so many more thoughts. But it's not my book and I have no idea where I should write them. My own lil zine? Team up with some people for another book? Blog? Hmmmmmm.

Today's Goals

- put out a podcast episode

- organize craft area (this was also my goal on my *last* day off)

- print out a shipping label to finally send my parents their Christmas presents

- figure out how shipping will work for selling things I make

- finish making a stuffed dragon

I have to work so early in the morning but I'm not at all tired and I have things I want to do. Bleh.

Oh well. Guess I'll go *try* to be sleepy. Things will still be there to be done after I finish work tomorrow.

Watching WandaVision has me thinking of House of M and my second-favorite Marvel character, Layla Miller.

I kind of want to see a team made up of her, Deadpool, and Gwenpool. And Jeff. Ooh, also Loki! One of those things that sounds cool but is actually probably a terrible and very boring idea.

But I won't know for sure until someone tries.

Admin Report 

Added a couple of people, suspended a few accounts that were reported earlier.

For some reason I don't get emails when reports are made, so I'm sorry if they were sitting there for awhile. Now that I know, I'll make sure to check it at least once a week. Thanks for looking out for our community!

Books I plan to read in January:

Return of the Thief

The Conquest of Bread

The Vampire Knitting Club

...That's a weird mix. Something for every reading mood I have!

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