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Recorded a podcast on The Craft tonight. It was so fun.

A lot more room to actually talk about the religious and spiritual aspects of it, which we haven't wound up doing nearly as much as I envisioned with CAoS. I like those conversations too, but this was just so much more in my wheelhouse and I had so much fun to dig into the layers and get probably at least a bit more into the symbolism than the writers intended.

This is your irregular reminder to caption your images. Yes, even your memes. Thank you.

sharin' my reading list, anyone have any reccs out of these i should put on top of my pile?
The Stone Gods (Winterson)
Bats of the Republic (Dodson)
Docile (Szpara)
Paradise Rot (Hval)
The City in the Middle of Night (Anders)

a warehouse is a normal house that turns into an industrial unit when thereโ€™s a full moon

It's a new month!

Currently reading:
- The Graveyard Apartment (Mariko Koike)
- Fangirl graphic novel (Rainbow Rowell & Sam Maggs)

Probably will start soon-ish:
- Speak of the Devil (Joseph Laycock)
- Deadpool (Kelly Thompson)

A co-worker told me she wasn't really familiar with X-Men but did see one of the movies.

Her: Is there one with claws?
Me: Huh?
Her: One of the movies had a guy with claws, right?
Me: Yeah, that's Wolverine, he's in like all of them.
Her: Yeah, Wolverine! I saw the one with Wolverine!

I love my co-workers *so much*.

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Not a single person recognized my costume but it's cool.

Fat transmasc Quentin Quire, yay!

My favorite part is the Quentin pin I definitely think he would wear if he saw it, and which made a convenient "I'm this guy!" non-explanation when people asked. XD

Partner's take: ... But. How will people know it's even a costume? That's just how you dress. True.

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I was 100% just gonna dress up for Halloween to sit alone at home Saturday. XD

But my co-worker texted to ask if I'm dressing up for work tomorrow, which I didn't know I could do! Hurray!

I predict 0 people will recognize my costume (Quentin Quire), but if they do I will know they have great taste and maybe we can be friends!

I love Halloween.

Panel discussion from earlier today on Africanfuturism, featuring Nnedi Okorafor, Marlon James and Roye Okupe:

Probably of interest to #SFFBookClub amongst others...

The Craft: Legacy, actual spoilers 


I like the ways witchcraft is used in fiction as a manifestation of feminine power, and obviously that lends itself to some commentary about patriarchy. Super on board for that.

*Not* so on board with the oversimplified "oh there's a guy here and he's a misogynist and that's it that's the whole conflict."

The villain to overcome was basically made of cardboard therefore their victory felt a little underwhelming and they deserve better tbh.

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The Craft: Legacy, very mild spoilers 

It was...fine. Not really on the same level as the original, but I mostly liked it.

Things I liked:
- The main 4
- Friendship!
- The ending
- Reformed Timmy

Things I disliked:
- How easily nostalgic callbacks win me over XD
- Very quick and simple plot, felt a little TV-movie, not helped by just...skipping over things that would probably cause more conflict

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Time to watch "The Craft: Legacy."


vous aimez mes queernosaures ?

do you like my queernosaurs ?

allez les acheter sur la boutique !

go buy them on the shop !


RT ?

Just started reading The Graveyard Apartment (thanks @lapis!). A family moves into an apartment right next to a graveyard (surprise!) and the main POV character is really unnerved by it.


When my husband and I were looking for a house there was one in the middle of nowhere (which always freaks me out). The owners never even showed up to let us in and it looked bad.

Then I saw the graveyard behind it and I suddenly wanted to live there SO. MUCH.

We didn't get it. But I still love the idea.

Like not even the magic stuff, just like. Friends who will want to form a coven? That would be so cool. I never had friends like that. I went through like 9 million religious changes because what I was really looking for was a community like that and it doesn't exist anywhere. Le sigh.

Also cute lil spooky book shops with very helpful experienced witches.

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Home from work for a few days to recover from surgery on my wrist. I also can't play games and am just barely getting to a point where I feel comfy typing, so it's MOVIE DAYS! Yay!

Today is witch day. Already watched Practical Magic and Witches of Eastwick, currently on The Craft, The VVitch is up next. Maybe also Paranorman?

Any good recs for things I might find on streaming?

The Southern Book Club's Guide to Slaying Vampires, spoilers 

Oops bonus toot.

I forgot the brief maybe-intentional nod to The Yellow Wallpaper I really enjoyed.

The MC's mother-in-law has dementia and dies in the book but is the first to recognize the danger and comes back from beyond to warn her and help her kill the vampire. MC is in a kitchen with yellow walls and sees her hidden behind a door.

Small and maybe not even meant to be a reference at all but I liked it.

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The Southern Book Club's Guide to Slaying Vampires, MAJOR spoilers 

And then he has to go away and she escapes and that's the end of that. He's kind of useless as a vampire?

Basically all his creepy vibes come from things we already know as creepy from the real world. Invading space, pushing boundaries, old boys club-ing. The whole blood-drinking becomes kind of a welcome escape from the truly terrifying systemic oppression that's all over the pages.


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