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Currently going through all my paystubs to document when I *actually* recieved my promotion. Managers had been denying my more experienced coworker's claim that after 18 months we are meant to get a big raise, so she went over their heads. Now they say yes but had no record of my promotion, I'd have to check all my paystubs and see when I got the raise to go with it.

Confirmed: should have gotten the big raise months ago.

in LA we don't say "good evening" we say "i yield my time, fuck you!" and i think thats beautiful

Twitter link, trans/NB sci-fi/fantasy recs

So many new things for my ever-growing to-read list. Still only one book actually read this year.

... I'll get there.

Just to make sure it's clear, this isn't an official book club. While I'd love it if you read Kendi's book with me, _any_ anti-racist reading you do counts for this. Just post about it so we can all engage.

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it'd be magical if *everyone* could be out on the streets protesting *every* night. but people need to rest and recuperate now and then

so i will be marathon live-streaming #redaloud to raise donations for Black Lives Matter and The Bail Project, focusing on the Broken Earth series by N.K. Jemisin ๐ŸŒ‹

tonight we'll be doing a pre-stream, reading some short stories. tomorrow we'll kick off the marathon proper

we're live now! get in here :boost_ok: :boost_ok: :boost_ok:

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Animal Crossing 

It's past my bedtime but obviously this diner in my ACNH basement was too important.

It took me forever to find something I like enough for the floor. It's a weird, coffee and cake only diner. Like in Umbrella Academy but cakes instead of donuts!

And some couches on the other half that I tried to make look like the ones in Friends but I haven't seen it in a long time and don't know if I'm even close.

I think I'm going to start with "Stamped From the Beginning" by Ibram X. Kendi

It's like 700 pages so this will probably be over the course of at least a month.

Anyway, use or a better tag if you want to join me.

I'd love the company! ๐Ÿ’™

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Today I learned about the Onceler fandom.


I love fandom but wow.

If you don't already know, I encourage you *not* to look it up because that is a trip I really wish I hadn't taken.

(No shame, I've been in some *weird* fandom nonsense, it just looks very different from outside of a fandom I never experienced firsthand.)

weekly admin update, nothing big 

1. Checked the request form and sent out an invite link.

2. Earlier this week I tried out the instance on several Mastodon clients just to see how it works and make sure it *does* work. We're good!

3. We've got a couple of new members, yay! Welcome. I hope you like it here, feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

So many of the AC villagers are completely perfect and I need more room for them all. ALL.

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Anyone interested in having Sally on their island? I love her but I also love Poppy and am out of room, so when she said she wanted to move just now I encouraged her.

She's a sweet squirrel who always looks sleepy and wears everything I have ever given her, so she's basically perfect.

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implying that a vagina is inherently feminine or a penis is inherently male: bad. sucks. don't do it
using words to describe (trans) people's junk that they haven't consented to and may not want: really really awful and invalidating

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Given the current situation in the world, many are finding reading hard, which isn't surprising.

1. What are you reading?

2. What have you finished?

3. Are you doing anything different (reading or reading-adjacent) to get through this?

Partner's doing a phone survey from a political campaign for at least the third time in the past couple of months (just counting the ones I've been in the room to overhear).

I've gotten 0 calls so kinda wondering how he got put on this list.

Probably by actually answering his phone sometimes. That might do it.

Got an alert that my new monthly audiobook credit is ready. Yay! I didn't have anything in mind, so I just browsed the recommendations until I found it.

The Vampire Knitting Club series.


The first cozy mystery I finally tried was too awful to get past the first chapter. So this could be very disappointing. But it *sounds* like the good kind of bad and I'm excited. I need some light cheesy escapism right now tbh.

Made myself a witchy robe on Animal Crossing and then uploaded a bunch of palette-swapped versions.

Also made a really cute ritual space but those aren't my designs on the ground.


I didn't even fully realize She-Ra's new season was already up and already had the whole thing spoiled by mistake. ๐Ÿ˜†

I don't actually care about spoilers, but there's a reminder for anyone who does because no one is waiting any time at all to talk about it apparently.

I did a blog. It's been awhile.

Just some rambling about the last book I finished. Which might also be the first book I finished this year???? Yikes, I hope not. That's depressing.

But, uh...yeah. I just looked through my ebooks and audiobooks and seems like that's probably the case. Well, I hope it's the first of many.

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