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weekly admin update, nothing big 

1. Checked the request form and sent out an invite link.

2. Earlier this week I tried out the instance on several Mastodon clients just to see how it works and make sure it *does* work. We're good!

3. We've got a couple of new members, yay! Welcome. I hope you like it here, feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

So many of the AC villagers are completely perfect and I need more room for them all. ALL.

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Anyone interested in having Sally on their island? I love her but I also love Poppy and am out of room, so when she said she wanted to move just now I encouraged her.

She's a sweet squirrel who always looks sleepy and wears everything I have ever given her, so she's basically perfect.

trans, genitals, dysphoria 

implying that a vagina is inherently feminine or a penis is inherently male: bad. sucks. don't do it
using words to describe (trans) people's junk that they haven't consented to and may not want: really really awful and invalidating

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Given the current situation in the world, many are finding reading hard, which isn't surprising.

1. What are you reading?

2. What have you finished?

3. Are you doing anything different (reading or reading-adjacent) to get through this?

Partner's doing a phone survey from a political campaign for at least the third time in the past couple of months (just counting the ones I've been in the room to overhear).

I've gotten 0 calls so kinda wondering how he got put on this list.

Probably by actually answering his phone sometimes. That might do it.

Got an alert that my new monthly audiobook credit is ready. Yay! I didn't have anything in mind, so I just browsed the recommendations until I found it.

The Vampire Knitting Club series.


The first cozy mystery I finally tried was too awful to get past the first chapter. So this could be very disappointing. But it *sounds* like the good kind of bad and I'm excited. I need some light cheesy escapism right now tbh.

Made myself a witchy robe on Animal Crossing and then uploaded a bunch of palette-swapped versions.

Also made a really cute ritual space but those aren't my designs on the ground.


I didn't even fully realize She-Ra's new season was already up and already had the whole thing spoiled by mistake. ๐Ÿ˜†

I don't actually care about spoilers, but there's a reminder for anyone who does because no one is waiting any time at all to talk about it apparently.

I did a blog. It's been awhile.

Just some rambling about the last book I finished. Which might also be the first book I finished this year???? Yikes, I hope not. That's depressing.

But, uh...yeah. I just looked through my ebooks and audiobooks and seems like that's probably the case. Well, I hope it's the first of many.

mod stuff, blog site suggestions 

Especially for the new people I just invited but also for anyone really:

One of my only problems with the WriteFreely instance is the lack of commenting.

My solution for it has been to follow the blogs here so I can just comment on Mastodon, but I have *no idea* if those comments show up for the blogger.

Anyone know? Have any other suggestions?

mod stuff 

Regardless, here's my plan going forward:

1 - Schedule and keep to at least 1 hour of mod time each week. Say....Monday night at 10:30. That should be manageable regardless of whether and when I work that day or Tuesday.

2 - Updates! Like, a post here right after I finish checking for requests or problems each week.

3 - When I'm doing that I'll also ask for feedback in case I missed something, so I don't have to worry I'm doing a bad job or put it all on myself to catch everything.

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Question for the users:

How would you feel about opening the instance for people to join on their own instead of requiring invites?

There was a big trolling problem small instances were having when I made it, so I was being very cautious. But life is kind of weighing me down enough I haven't kept up with the requests and I'm wondering if it might be worth doing a trial run.

Concerns: finding the energy to deal with trolls if there *is* an influx of them.


Other current reads (or attempted reads, at least):

Lords of the Left Hand Path for a book club thing.

Loki: Where Mischief Lies - I got it out of the library right before lockdown and I still haven't read a single page.

Loki: Journey Into Mystery - because every time I see the one above I remember I *still* haven't finished this one either somehow.

I finished Red, White, and Royal Blue!

4/5 stars.

Cheesy, a little too close to home in ways that made me a tiny bit angry, but good. And definitely sweet and fun.

Next up on the audiobook list: Aristotle & Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

Really glad I didn't put any pressure on myself this year to read a certain number of books so I can just enjoy reading.

About 2 hours left in Red, White, and Royal Blue. I like it a lot. It's a bit cheesy at times, but very nice.

It also occasionally reminds me of some of my favorite Inception fic and now I kind of want an AU where Eames is a prince and Arthur is the president.

Quick AO3 search shows some with the prince bit but not both. Hmmmm...

I did start reading one of the horror books like I mentioned last time I was here. It's going ok. I don't *like* it or think it's super well-written, but I got pretty far for all that.

And then my co-host suggested again that I give "Red, White, and Royal Blue" a chance. Reading it seemed like a lot, but I saw I had a free audiobook credit so picked it up.

I don't like the narrator but I do like the book. I keep laughing very loudly while I listen and it's nice.

money, job loss 

Finally sitting down to do my taxes. It is very difficult because dealing with money at all gives me tons of anxiety and kind of makes the words/numbers on the page swim and blur.

Anyway just for fun I asked my partner what he thinks I made last year. We don't really share finances. He guessed double. O.O

Well, now I know why he's not more worried about being laid off a couple months ago.

Depression, quarantine 

I've been having such a tough time focusing on literally anything lately. All the books I was reading got abandoned. I got a Marvel YA book from the library right before our state shut down and haven't touched it. I can't even read single issues of comics I love. Everything just feels so meaningless and heavy.

But just now I was looking at a book for a club, hated it, but for some reason really want to read the horror books in my recs. Not my usual, but I'll try.

I'm using Duolingo to learn/review some languages but decided to also try more immersive practice with Spanish since I already studied it for several years (almost 20 years ago, though). The podcast I tried was a bit too much but the audiobook version of "Harry Potter y la Piedra Filosofal" is familiar enough to follow along pretty well.

Also Mr Dursley sounds like a muppet and I kind of love him.

Good choice, me!

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