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All this to say "Honorable Mention" is a good song and even though I know the band's not nuts about this album I really hope they know it kicks ass. Just, like, objectively. XD

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Sometimes I think I should start an account just to ramble about Fall Out Boy. (And occasionally other bands.)

Probably not worth the trouble and probably no one wants to read that. XD But I think about it a lot.

I would 1000% make a pop-punk/emo fandom instance if I had the extra money lying around. I was gonna add "and a single other interested person," but no. I'd still do it if it was just me. XD

I love that Judaism is a religion where in our own liturgy, our own sacred texts, it says on more than one occasion that a divine voice emerged to settled disputes among the rabbi and that "as a general principal one should disregard divine voices" and then proceedes to continue to disputing the same topic for another chapter

Just got done blocking some domains and accounts I'd missed. Thanks for helping out by reporting!

Watched all of Lock & Key today. Haven't read the comic yet, but the show was great so I borrowed vol 1 from the library and I'll be reading it soon.

Realized it has been *awhile* since I last posted and figured I should maybe confirm I am still here, just busy and tired. So tired.

I've started using Duolingo instead of playing games when I'm just sort of idling, and it actually helps wake up my brain and give me more energy to do other things. So that's fun!

But when I read and am tired, I just fall asleep. Even YA, even comics. πŸ˜•

Maybe if I get far enough in another language, I can read books in that language and that will work better!

family, stress 

My in-laws are here to help us with our house. We didn't ask, they decided it had to be done and invited themselves. So it's this thing where I feel useless and guilty but also incredibly anxious and a little angry (and then guilty for being angry) so I'm hiding in a corner trying not to notice and worry about what they're doing in my space.

Hit a reading slump already. 😫

But I'm editing the podcast now and have a pretty light week (except for tomorrow), so I'm hoping I can get a couple of short/easy books read before the month ends. :blobcheer:

Currently reading:
Buffy: Hellmouth
Gender Queer
The Communist Manifesto

Watched the whole part 3 of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina in a day so I can talk about it tomorrow for the podcast.

Sitting for that much of the day was probably a bad idea and my everything hurts, but also I'm really excited to record tomorrow and I liked it.

Short no-spoiler review: It's like they took the show and said "yes but can we make it gayer, witchier, and more feminist?" They also added Riverdale-style cheerleader/dancers and that was weird, but overall more good than bad.

trans, name change, personal stuff 

I'm gonna change my (legal) name! I've been going by Zeph for a few years anyway, but I got to a point where I want it on all my stuff enough to be worth the money and time.

Which means I also had to decide if I want to change my middle name and then what to choose.

Multiple Louis/Lewis-es in my family. I liked the idea of a family name. But I didn't want to just take theirs.

Weeks of thought later, I'm going with Lewys. Same, but different. Mine.


SFFBookclub nominations 

Time again for #SFFBookClub nominations.

The goal is a book no more than around 400 pages, with preference to books by women and authors from other marginalized groups. Please respond to this post and use the hashtag to make it easier for me to find.

Carried-forward nominees:

Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen, Lois McMaster Bujold

Parable of the Sower, Octavia Butler

Walkaway, Cory Doctorow

And Shall Machines Surrender (novella), Benjanun Sriduangkaew

Young Adult + Middle Grade Bookclub Feb poll 

, here is the poll!

"Odd One Out" - Nic Stone

"A Different Beat" - Candy Dawson Boyd

"My Life As An Ice Cream Sandwich" - Ibi Zoboi

"The Stars and the Blackness Between Them" - Janauda Petrus

Just read the volume 1 of the recent Angel (BtVS) comic.

Angel as a character is just so... tricky. It's easy to make his brooding really obnoxious. If it's offset by making fun of it a bit, when he's surrounded by people that are just 1000% done hearing about it, it can be ok. This was just...ughhhhh, no.

Interested in the other character reinterpretations, so done with Angel himself.

I uploaded my first level in Super Mario Maker 2!

Course ID is R73-XKS-Y5G

It's not great but I worked hard on it.

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