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I uploaded my first level in Super Mario Maker 2!

Course ID is R73-XKS-Y5G

It's not great but I worked hard on it.

Being so far behind in editing makes for a really weird perspective on the show. Like, I just finished listening to our discussion of chapter 4 and now I'm *watching* chapter 18 so we can discuss/record on Saturday. I'd kind of forgotten that and was prepped to see ch 5 but luckily Netflix saves my spot.

So instead I jump into *this* mess (ch 18 starts off ROUGH) and it's like dang that escalated quickly.

Editing my podcast, finally.

I meant to do it yesterday but instead I slept. Like, literally all day.

It was a very needed sleep and I'm grateful to a coworker who took my shift so I could get it.

Now back to my fun chosen work. πŸ’œ

Finally starting the process of legally changing my name. There's a lot that will need to be done and parts of it are expensive so it's a little overwhelming and anxiety-causing. But mostly exciting.

I was doing really well with audiobooks for awhile last year, listening on the walk to/from work and at lunch. But lately (probably a lot of it is due to the darkness and cold, my mood and energy are just down a bit) I can't really focus well enough for that so I've gone back to just comedy podcasts.

Tips for learning to listen more attentively? Or best times or activities for audiobook listening?

Started using Notion as a reading tracker/journal (and other things, that's just the most relevant here).

I like it a lot and think I might finally be done with Goodreads. Yay!

(I'm actually still reading a few Marvel books, and I'm willing to hold out some hope. But I'm frustrated and without looking into the details too much I'm just noticing some distressing trends where we had a whole bunch of really great girl-centric queer progressive comics exploring new ground a few years ago and now it's all just gone away and they're rebooting things and most of the non-male writers seem to be gone and ARGH.

Seems like a good time to explore some other publishers.)

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I got my weekly subscription arrival notification from the comic store and the only thing on it was issue 1 of a new Hawkeye series.

"Wow, really!? That's great, I've missed Kate so much! I hope Thompson's still writing it!"

*to the googles*

Oh, no. It's about the *other* Hawkeye and written by some random dude. Gross.

So, Marvel's dead to me now. Yay!

Happy January!!

Books I'm starting this month:

"On the Come Up" - Angie Thomas (for )

"The Communist Manifesto" - Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels (because I somehow haven't already)

(Question 2: 2020 book goals)

More book club books! Maybe I'll even finish more of them, but no pressure!

I want to read more diverse authors and more non-fiction. I'm aiming for 1 non-fiction book per month. Topics: social justice, communism/socialism, religion.

"Return of the Thief" comes out in August and I am sooooo excited. I don't pre-order things but I'm thinking about it.

One thing I want to add in 2020 is talking more about what I'm reading.


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I can get caught up in imaginary rules and used to feel weirdly guilty about starting a new book till I've finished the last ones. Realizing I can have a long current reading list and just *come back to things* made it a lot easier to keep reading and make it fun again.

My faves are mostly comics and I have way too much to say about them. I'll probably have to do a blog post in early 2020. :)

Top rec is"Die" by Kieron Gillen, though it's not an easy or straight-forward read.


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1) I liked most of what I read in 2019, though I didn't finish all of the things I meant to. I hit my goal of 50 books read but there's a *lot* of "currently reading" ones, including some I started in January.

Joining book clubs was a good idea, even when I couldn't finish the books. It introduced me to things I wouldn't have read otherwise that I really enjoyed, and cut past that "but I can't start this new book until I finish the last one!!" bullshit I have. New month, new book!


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1) How was your 2019 reading? Did you read the things you wanted to? Did you like the things you read? Anything in particular you would recommend or want to share from your reading?

2) Any reading goals or hopes for 2020? New things coming out that are already on your list? Topics you want to explore?

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YAMG Bookclub - January 

I read a *lot* today. I had intended to do a bunch of other things too but wound up mostly too tired. Realized I haven't really had a day off in awhile, this is the first I've had where I haven't been too busy to rest.

I am actually going to finish my goal of 50 books read this year, looks like. That's cool. And that's without counting book-length zines/self-published things not on GR.

Next year I'm gonna track my own both to get further away from Amazon and to have more control/options.

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I don't celebrate Xmas and kind of enjoy *not* having the pressure of having to rush through a family visit that's also loaded down with a lot of religious baggage.

But I still call them to say Merry Christmas because, you know, it's important to them.

Partner and dad got into a political debate for half an hour while I had a nap.

Apparently my dad hung up and immediately went to tell mom we're communists. XD

Stay home, still get all the political family drama. Yay!

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