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Runaways (hulu) spoiler, stanning Alex Wilder, unfinished plotlines 

Re-watching the last episode to fully process things and try to figure out what *I* think happens in their now-changed future (and whether parts of it still will), with the very conscious recognition that I am biased.

But a thing I really liked about this series was how Alex's fate *wasn't* sealed and he was actually on their side this time, and I hate how the finale seems to set him up as a villain again.


Not allowed.

Runaways TV series, not actually spoiler but just in case 

Oh no, it's actually *over*!?! Not just the season but like *over* over!?!

Marvel how dare you.

Ugh, that was so good and deserves so much more.

At least I still have Cloak & Dagger to catch up on? But dang I'm gonna miss this show.

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Hulu's adaptation of Runaways is very, very, very good.

That is all.

For now.

Starting to think about what I want to read *next* year. Not in a "plan out all my books" kind of way like I did a few years ago, just sort of "what are some things I think are really valuable/important to read and that I'll feel good about reading?"

It's fun. :)

I'm stumped and not having any luck looking online so I'm turning to you for this :

My will not remember this house's wifi password. Every other device I own remembers the wifi perfectly fine, and it was not a problem with previous password-protected wifi spots I saved.

Soft reset/"repair" has been tried, multiple times.

Kobo Aura H20

So what if I wanted to get into the idea of without getting on Instagram? Like on here or on Pixelfed. What hashtag(s) would you use?

Got some :

Think back over this decade. What have been your favorite books published this decade?*

Why? What makes them your favorites? Tell me about them.

* If it's a book in translation, it just needed to come out in English this decade.

Huh. So after adding all those comics I actually only have 9 more books to hit my goal. So *maybe* I will actually make it. Especially since a few of those things I really want to read are comics and a few more are things I'm almost finished with anyway. But not gonna stress over it. Gonna read to enjoy it, not because I "have" to.

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Weekend of reading! And other things, but I do want to get a lot of reading done.

I don't *think* I'm actually going to meet my 50 book goal for the year, and rather than read a bunch of short things to finish it I'm going to focus on the things I really want to read.

Also updating my reading list to include comics I read that have since been collected into volumes. Because, you know. That counts.

Also it's a low-energy reading-adjacent thing I can do tired.

I've mostly been reading comics lately because holiday-time retail work does not leave brainspace for wordiness.

But hey, comics! I love comics!

"Nomen Omen" caught my attention. It's 2 issues in and I have no idea what's going on. I have trouble following non-linear narratives and might have to drop it, but it seems interesting and worth a try if you like kind of kooky witchy fantasy like I do and jumping around in a story isn't a problem for you.

Started a new horror comic, "The Dollhouse Family" by Mike Carey.

Just the first issue so far, but it seems good! I think I'm gonna like it.

YAMG Bookclub - December 

Executive decision that totally doesn't have to do with finals, book report month!

Read something or and tell us about it! Just use our tag
( )

@ me if you need ideas, but I think discovery would be really fun in this case.

Ethical, easy-to-use and privacy-conscious alternatives

For facebook, twitter, gmail, yahoo, youtube, instagram, google play, google docs/calendar/maps, amazon books/kindle, ms windows, ms office, office, steam, minecraft, patreon, internet(!), grooveshark...

I got an ereader for my birthday a few months ago and it's *great* and I love that when I go somewhere I can have *many* books in a tiny light thing so really there's no need to pack paper books.


What if I'm somewhere I can't use it for some reason? ๐Ÿ˜ฑ Or, like, all electricity everywhere stopped working? And I had no books!?!

So I still bring paper books everywhere. ๐Ÿ™„

I'm ridiculous and I'm ok with that.

Did some grocery shopping w/my partner after hanging out with a friend. Passing by the cheap movie section he stops and is like "...I shouldn't show you this."

So of course he did.

"The Munsters: Scary Little Christmas"


Wow, he does love me!




Books on TV! Both on the CW network, good for them!

Batwoman is...mostly good. I like the acting, the overall plot, the fuller character development on Alice, really all the characters. I dislike the journal/letter to Bruce segments. They feel awkward and generally anytime Batman is in a thing I'm like "....but why?"

Nancy Drew is fantastic and highly recommended all around. One negative spot (surprise fake-sounding accent!) seems to have been dropped immediately. Phew!

With The Fire On High, through part 1, titles are weird 

I know this book has been sort of at the back of my reading list for awhile because the summary seemed interesting and it was frequently recommended, but the title didn't seem to be connected and so didn't stick in my mind. Like FOB song titles! So I'd see it in my list and be like "wazzat?" and move on to something I remembered better.

But I like it a lot! Glad I finally got it bumped up to the front of the list.

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With The Fire On High, through part 1, titles are weird 

I don't know what I thought the title referred to exactly before I got to it. Something about...angels, maybe? Because I think I've probably only heard "on high" in Christmas carols?

So when I got to it in the narrator's voice and it's nothing like that at all, it's just like "huh."

Which made me think about how little I noted the title and how unhelpful a lot of titles are at what's inside and idk.

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