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Looking for trans voices/opinions.

The next episode we're recording for Spooky Church is on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina chapter 15: Dr Cerberus's House of Horror.

One of the three shorts in this is a pretty horrific body horror type story centered on Theo's dysphoria. I relate to it a lot and think it's good, but I'm just one voice and I'm curious how other people responded to it, especially other trans folks.

Boosts welcome.


Things I should do:
Call my parents
Bake cookies for my co-worker whose last day is Monday

But I have a headache and they all seem so *hard*.

Maybe I will take a nap and then do something.

Normalize quitting things. It could be school, work, relationships, hobbies, or pretty much anything.

Quitting is often thought of as inherently negative; nobody wants to be called a "quitter". But there are plenty of situations where not only is it reasonable, it's the *best* course of action.

You can drop out college or switch majors when you don't care about the thing you're studying. You can end a relationship when it becomes toxic. You can stop playing a game that you don't enjoy.

REMINDER THAT YOU CAN JUST KINDA PUT SHERLOCK HOLMES IN THINGS. he's public domain so you can just kinda use him wherever. i made him break up with a wizard

Today's Agenda:


Watch my favorite episode of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina to prep for the next podcast recording. (Dr C's House of Horror, yeah that's how far ahead our recording is compared to my editing)

Read Pumpkinheads

fediverse poll #2 (edited), boost ok 

(edited version for clarity)

How much do you spend monthly on hosting your pleroma/masto/masto fork/pixelfed/funkwhale/reel2bits/etc. ?

Boost super welcome

Note: I'm after instances with less than a 300 active users weekly.

Note 2: if you have more users, just reply to the poll with the amount of users.

Note 3: if you run other services on that VPS, make a guess of how much it cost proportionally

#MastoAdmin #FediAdmin

cw nancy drew, fatphobia, personal pet peeves 

I guess it's not *quite* a deal-breaker because I'm still watching, but wow I hate when a fat (or at least chubby) character is changed to be skinny for a show/movie. 😠

I'm about halfway through the episode. I don't hate it, but I definitely have some problems and don't love it either.

Went to watch the new episode of Riverdale and WOW, Nancy Drew episode one is also up!


New episode of Spooky Church is up!

I keep thinking about making a Mastodon account specifically to talk about the podcast but can't decide how/where to do it or if it's a good idea.

So not today.

Finished "My Best Friend's Exorcism!"

It was very good.

(Intended) reading for the rest of October:

Ghosts (Raina Telgemeier)
The Babysitters Coven (Kate Williams)
Season of the Witch (Sarah Rees Brennan)
Sheets (Brenna Thummler)
The Lost Coast (Amy Rose Capetta)
Anya's Ghost (Vera Brosgol)

Is that too much? Will I manage to get through it all? We'll see!

The most painful thing about editing is hearing all the places I just steamrolled right over things my co-host is trying to say.

Not intentionally! We have a somewhat shaky connection and especially in these first episodes before I realized it was happening, there were a *lot* of places where she'd say something but it barely registers and I wasn't hearing it at all so I just kept talking. Yeesh. I have gotten better at pausing to listen! But I sound like such a jerk early on. XD

Goals today:

Edit and upload a podcast episode!

Read some spooky books! Like, probably not finish them. But at least read a little. ("My Best Friend's Exorcism" and "Baby-Sitters Coven")

Playtest my spooky Magic: the Gathering deck for the spooky Magic event at my local game store.

Partner: *says some stuff about pro wrestling and the most important thing being not boring*

Me: Yeah, I would be terrible at wrestling.

P: Haha. It depends on the type of wrestling you're talking about.

Me: No, it really doesn't.

Oooh. Spooky book recommendations based on similarly scary movies.

"Horror Recommendations for All Tolerance Levels."

I don't remember why, but I was thinking today about how cool it would be if Steven Universe continued in YA novel form and now I want it.

"But she was on the balcony, scattering bread for a feasting of birds and squirrels: they had all come out again, too, just like the people into the streets, lean and hungry after the long winter and willing to dare human company in exchange for food." - Spinning Silver

Showed this to my partner while I was because I'm a squirrel and this is me. He agrees.

Except replace "long winter" with "literally any time I have to go without food more than an hour."

Here's my (first, short version) blog post about Wayward Son.

I had too many thoughts and wanted to get something published *now*, so I can take my time with the rest of it but not feel like I haven't accomplished anything. πŸ˜†

Also, happy October! Hurray!

πŸŽƒ πŸ‘» πŸ¦‡

The Fediverse #SFFBookClub October selection is A Stranger in Olondria by Sofia Samatar.

All you need to do to participate is use and follow the hashtag in discussions (and try to remember to add it to replies if your app doesn't), and mark in the CW how far along you are for any spoilers you're posting.

As always, we have crowdfunds available for those who might otherwise be unable to participate. Contact me directly if this applies.

#SFF #Fantasy #Books #SofiaSamatar #AStrangerInOlondria

Yay, home from visiting my parents and finally writing my Wayward Son blog post!

It was a good visit. My mom surprised me by being super cool about my voice changes and even telling my dad to leave me alone. She's really doing well at finding common ground and adapting to make room for me and I appreciate it a lot.

But now I'm sleepy and probably not actually going to finish the post tonight. I just finished section 2 of 7. More tomorrow probably.

Wayward Son, bi erasure/visibility 

Also when when Simon says he's figuring it out, he still doesn't use the word bisexual, now that I think of it. He's wondering if he still likes girls, or if he ever did, or if he's just Baz-sexual. No mention even of whether he likes other *guys*.

I see a movement in the right direction and doubt Rowell is bi-phobic, but seems just using the word (for Simon or anyone else) would be an easy way to settle the concern, and she didn't do it. So that's weird.

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