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Heyyyyyy I'm home from work and super tired but I'm gonna finish this episode and get it uploaded because I promised myself and the very small number of other people who care about my podcast at all!

It's gonna be pretty hands-off editing, though. Mostly just listening for any really distracting problems like unsynced tracks. Leaving in a lot of "ums" and awkward asthama-laughs and other weird embarrassing stuff I would normally edit out with great care.

Spinning Silver, spoilers through chapter 17 

Forest of a Thousand Lanterns, spoilers through chapter 16, character hate, I'm very judgy and unforgiving, violence 

Oh no, I decided to spend my few minutes of extra time before work looking at books online and now I'm down a cozy mystery rabbit hole and 10 minutes late. XD

(It's ok, I like to be places about half an hour early so I'm actually still early but I *feel* late.)

The Wicked and the Divine, full series 

Currently reading:

"Forest of a Thousand Lanterns" - Julie C. Dao (audiobook, for )

"Spinning Silver" - Naomi Novik (ebook, belated for )

"The Babysitters Coven" - Kate Williams (actual physical book wow, just for fun)

So I have fun witchy reads no matter where I am and how low my phone's battery is! Yay!


I think that was the last issue of the Sabrina the Teenage Witch comic series that I just read, BUT.

On the last page it says there's a new series coming in 2020.


No idea if Thompson's still writing it, but I'm hopeful.

It's good and only 5 issues so a pretty quick read if anyone's interested.

*Finally* reading "The Babysitters Coven" and I can't even tell you how happy that makes me.

No spoilers, just a style comment. It does that thing where characters use hyper-current lingo and I always feel weird about it. Like I know nothing's really timeless but our slang changes so fast and "af" just feels so specific. Like it's already dated.

I like best when works of fiction just invent their own slang. Like Batman Beyond.

Thinking of starting a Twitter/Facebook/something so people who like my podcast can pester me to edit and post more. XD

I would prefer to just have an account for it over here, but I have not been successful in getting a single offline friend to try Mastodon.


Or I could just bribe myself with books. That's probably a better idea.

I need to go get the groceries and really want to go get my comics but also I've had to go do things outside the house all weekend and I really just want to stay here in my pajamas. Sigh.

Walking away from stressful moderator work (not here, you're all awesome) because I do not need that energy going into my actual paid job that's already stressful. Good job, self!

Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass review, mild spoilers 

Very very important news: for my library, at least, Mariko Tamaki's Harley Quinn graphic novel is available to borrow on Hoopla!

It is called "Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass" and looks completely amazing. Don't you want to see a Harley reimagined w/o her identity revolving around Joker? I sure do!

Also it's Tamaki and Poison Ivy's a major character, so I'm betting it's at least a LITTLE gay.

If you haven't seen Mockingbird Lane, watch it. It is such a treasure.

I really wish it had gotten picked up so we had more than one episode, but it really is a GREAT episode.

Weird question. Although I tend to place all story media in the same category, I feel weird talking about TV and movies here unless they're adaptations of print books. But, like. Why?

I think because most of my "reading" lately has been audiobooks, I'm starting to feel this is a weird imagined boundary and video storytelling totally counts.


I'm really enjoying "Forest of a Thousand Lanterns" so far, and also just in general realized today how much I enjoy reading YA books. I don't just listen to something to disconnect from work anymore, I listen because I love the story and want to know more and it makes me happy.

was such a good idea and I'm so glad @lapis started it.

Come hang out in the tag and read with us if you like YA! Or think you might like YA but don't know where to start!

superhero films : "Ugh government is fucked and too corrupt and incapable to enact justice properly"

also superhero films: "Elon musk could probably enact justice, though!"

Two unrelated book-type questions.

1 - For cozy mystery fans, what's a good one to start with? I know I have friends who love these and I'm curious but there's so many and they all sound the same to me, I have no idea what to look for.

2 - For other zine do you store them? Currently they're all in one box but it's so hard to organize them w/the size differences.

September Reading:

Spinning Silver
The Black God's Drums
Forest of A Thousand Lanterns
My Best Friend's Exorcism
The Barrow Will Send What It May

Well, that's the plan. We'll see if I get through it all, my reading's been slow lately.

Probably I'll also add a graphic novel or two to speed up my count a little.

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