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I got the audiobook of Wilder Girls for and started that today.

It's shorter than my last audiobook by quite a bit, but I'm also having a bit more trouble paying attention and picking up on all the names, so that's gonna be a struggle.

Mostly I wish these things were searchable so if I have a "wait who did that" question I could find out easily. :-/

The Bad: a book I've been looking forward to all year and that I thought came out right near my birthday in September is actually set for *next* August. 😱 Not sure if it changed or if I just had the date wrong.

The Good: now I have room in my "books I'm allowed to buy this year" list if I want to get one of the book club books for this month since my library doesn't have either. Hmmmm.

First Rule of Punk 

First Rule of Punk 

First Rule of Punk 

First Rule of Punk 

Bleh day. Gonna listen to some records and try to finish reading First Rule of Punk.

Pulled out a bunch of bands that seem appropriate:

Shot in the Dark
Bikini Kill
Ramones (ew)

Gonna try to make it a good night.

The Fediverse #SFFBookClub August selection is #SpinningSilver by #NaomiNovik. Tie broken capriciously by me.

To participate, just use and follow the club hashtag, and use CWs that specify what part of the book any spoilers might cover.

As always, we have a crowd-funded account to help people who want to participate but might not be able to otherwise. Just contact me directly if this is you.

#SFF #Fantasy #Books

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I finished season 3 of The Worst Witch yesterday and no spoilers but the ending actually made me cry and I'm impressed. I hope there's a next season. I also hope they finally give HB a girlfriend in it. Fingers crossed.

Oh nooooooo July's almost over and I suck at finding things to say about book club reads.

I'll think about it when work gets boring and try to do that when I come home.

non-book related, transphobia, follow-up 

non-book related, transphobia, sad 

Inspired by the new season of "The Worst Witch" going up on Netflix. I've watched most of it this weekend.

I actually am a little interested in reading the books, I just didn't know about them when I was in the intended demographic and they haven't quite been at the top of my list since I discovered them...which wasn't until this series started a couple years ago.

Hoopla has some, though. So maybe I'll try one now.

Are there any book-based movies or TV shows you enjoy but that you have never read and probably aren't going to read? Which ones? Why not?

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Fediverse SFFBookClub August Poll 

I got some pins in the mail today and showed them to my partner. He stared at the Quentin Quire one for a really long time.

He's not familiar with the character and thought maybe I got a custom pin of myself and wow what a good compliment. πŸ’œ

Woooo this thing I wrote for awhile back is finally available! I'm even listed on the cover! πŸ’œ

Fate Accessibility Toolkit -


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