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Recorded an episode for my podcast yesterday. I have so much fun with it I kind of want to start another one but also I don't really have time for editing one. XD

But if I did. Definitely a book discussion one. YA, maybe, or queer books in any genre. Or even no shared book, just a "talk about the last thing you read/what you're currently reading" discussion.

It's so frustrating not having infinite time.

January Week 3: A book that makes you hopeful about the future.

Not so much a specific book and not actually *about* the future, but the rise of queerness in mainstream books fills me with so much hope and joy.

When I was a teen I had to really *search* for queer content. And then hide it from my family.

Now it's just literally everywhere. My mom watches queer stuff. My sister and I talk about how everything needs more lesbians. Life is good.

riverdale "no exit", spoilers, speculation 

book tooting, #nfbookclub 

Spent the last week visiting with my in-laws and read 4.5 books! (I'll probably finish the last one today or for sure by the end of this week.) Starting the year off right.

Now I'm back and feeling refreshed and generally better about my life. Maybe I can get ahead on some of my other goals, too. :)

@Rheall has been really generous sharing her demi heart emoji. So I was inspired to make a few more pride hearts, as well!

No credit needed! Have fun with them, fediverse! :cc_nc_us:
#emoji #queer #lgbtq #pride

Update: There is actually a fan version available and I will probably get it soon. 😍

Hey Hey Hey Hey folx! I found out about a new / online!

It has people I've heard of, and for you, my friends:

🚨 They accept submissions 🚨 , and they __especially__ want 🚨 marginalized voices!🚨

Yes, they are a paying market.

I thought folx on the fediverse might want to know.

Someone should make all the t-shirts Quentin wears in available to buy. They are amazing and I want them.

But mostly "Dark Quire Saga" from issue 5.

He's such a style god.

My co-host was awesome and agreed to record our podcast episode early this week since I was going to be traveling.

In spite of that, I *still* haven't finished editing it because I've been too busy but also the internet here kind of sucks and I don't think I'm going to be able to upload it until like Sunday so.....

I feel like a jerk kind of but I can't work magic and also on the other hand I get to enjoy family time instead of stressing to get it finished "on time."

Week 1 (a little late): New genre/book goals or reading practices for 2019

Thanks to Grady Hendrix I kind of want to read more horror. Like maybe if I just come across some of the books in Paperbacks from Hell out in the wild I'll check them out. And then I have an actual set goal of reading more non-fiction and more queer books.

But the biggest change is that I'm gonna try to keep a paper journal to record my progress and thoughts on books.

Runaways (2017 comic) #17, spoilers 

Basic questions to ask someone who says they want to get into comics:

* How familiar are you with the form? Do you read any webcomics, or manga?
* What makes you say you wanna get into comics? A recent movie, or TV show? Something you read online?
* When you say you wanna get into comics, what are you talking about wanting to get into exactly? Superhero stuff?

Anyone who recommends people get into comics with Watchmen should have their computer taken away and smashed with a bat.

my submission for the Transtistic Anthology. Finally got some time away from work stress and magically all the words come pouring out. It's so nice to write again.

Deadline is January 15, here's the link for more info if other folks want to put something together for it.

WicDiv #40, Young Avengers, mild spoilers, activism, self care 

Just read no. 40 and *wow* I need a hug. No spoilers, but that was a lot.

My feelings are all feelings-y and I can't even remember ever crying this much at a comic.

Oh wait, yes I do, it was the same series no. 13. Dang, Gillen, way to just wreck my heart again.

In a good way, though. Very very good.

For my today I'm gonna be looking for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina fics. I'll share later if I find some good ones. Recommendations welcome.

Super interested in ones focusing on Ambrose and what he gets up to when he's not giving Sabrina excellent advice she'll ignore.

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