Saw this "Tower Takeover Tarot" mentioned on youtube.

Not really my thing, but I like the idea of it.

If I had way more time on my hands and better drawing skills, I'd consider making an "oops, all happy squirrels" deck.

But I don't, so if anyone else likes that idea and does have those things, feel free to take it.

@lapis I know that "oh it's easy!" is not helpful or necessarily true, I've had enough people fail to teach me knitting. :D

But I was pleasantly surprised to find out how easy tunisian crochet was *for me* and might be for others. There's no new stitches really, you just do a whole row all at once (drawing up one way, closing on the way back) instead of knot by knot.

Let me know if you do try it, whether it works for you or not!

Good morning! 😁

I promise this is still a book account, I'm just really into and right now. I even woke up early to work on the current project! I had gotten probably about 1/3 done yesterday, then this morning decided to switch to Tunisian crochet and make a wrap.

I think it's gonna be pretty cool.

Finished my first tarot bag.

I did add a lining mostly because this is a kind of rough yarn and the cards kept getting stuck on it, but it's *very* clumsily sewn in and looks awful so I'm not gonna show that off. 😁

It works though, that's the important thing.

Working on another one already because it was so fun and quick.

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Didn't finish the project and probably won't tonight, but i did get pretty far.

It has plenty of extra room so I'm thinking about adding a liner, maybe in green so it matches the deck even better. I'm terrible at sewing, but i think the outer bag will hide my clumsy stitches.

My partner's currently playing a charr (sp?) in Guild Wars and it makes me jealous because they're basically what I want Hrothgar to be in FFXIV and the actual Hrothgar are so disappointing to me.

I'd switch but i have chronic shoulder pain that makes it really hard to use a keyboard for gaming and I haven't been able to find controller support that handles GW well.

So I'll just keep playing cute cat and bunny boys over on FF.

Tonight's activity: crocheting a drawstring bag for one of my tarot decks. I'm so happy with the color match just from yarn i already had and just never got around to using.

If it goes well, I've got a few more picked out to try next. Might even get fancy and make a wrap-style one instead.

I have a suspicion of what my problem is. I THINK I need a break from Kidlit (YA and probably MG). What are grown-up books I should start reading? Like, a friend on here gifted me a copy of Legends & Lattes and I plan to read that soon, but what else. Preferably stuff I can get from my library if I lack it (so in short: keep in mind what series are hot right now and if I have to wait two years to read it via library lol)

I read SFF, contemporary, historical, romance, literary, etc

Boost ok

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Daily card draw (Arthur Rackham Oracle)

The one on the right (Fortification: Arrayed in confidence) was the actual card draw, the left (Anxiety: Inertia born of doubts) just kept trying to escape while i was shuffling.

Seems like both a fitting match on their own and very approach appropriate for how I'm feeling today.

@lapis new decks are always so exciting! Squad is on my reading list, definitely moved up a few notches now. I hadn't made the connection.

Do you do daily card draws? Maybe one could be a daily draw deck and one for specific readings? And then you can switch them up when you want a change.

I pick a different deck for daily draws every month, currently it's the Arthur Rackham Oracle. But i also have a lot of decks (I've been collecting for almost 20 years) so i need to mix it up like that.

I know the blog site doesn't actually work well with Mastodon even though it's technically able to show up. So here's a link to a tarot post I just did!

@lapis I've been struggling with this for quite awhile, and unfortunately haven't found much that works to overcome it.

My best advice would be not to push it too hard, maybe your mind just needs a break. I seem to go in cycles these days where I read a lot for awhile and then nothing at all for awhile. (With similar and corresponding social habits, hmm.)

I figure my brain just has enough to worry about irl it doesn't want fictional stress sometimes.

I haven't been reading full books a whole lot, but I have been:

1 - journaling
2 - doing OBOD's bardic course
3 - getting back into tarot and witchy stuff in general, and got sucked into tarot Youtube. How did I not know that was a thing?!?
4 - reading "Sacred Actions" by Dana O'Driscoll, but it's split into high day sections so I'm not reading straight through, just each corresponding holiday chapter
5 - practicing meditation a lot
6 - developing healthier food/caffeine/water habits.


irl stuff, cheesy romantic, crafts 

It's my and my partner's anniversary! Hurray!

I didn't get him anything. But I saw on the list that it's the "tin" anniversary and I've been watching a lot of travel altar videos so I had an idea.

If you know me irl, don't tell him, it's a surprise. 😁

I'm making him a couple of zines that I'll put in an altoid tin I'll decorate to be a tiny library. He's always wanted a moody dark academic library.

Working on all the details and design now. Art!

Oops, at least one more zine- related post.

I have a few *really* small zines, like one is about 1 inch square and the biggest ones of this category are about 3 inches square max.

Any ideas for a cute small container for them? Or maybe i should just hang a thread on a wall somewhere and hang then from it with clothespins or something?

Oh yeah, not one I got at the zinefest, but from the indie/small press wall of my favorite comic shop.

That Full Moon Feeling is a cute queer magical romance about a witch and a werewolf. Definitely shorter and less plot-heavy than Moonstruck, but similar vibes.

I love really vague worldbuilding that implies life in it is constant terror but the characters are just having fun and going on dates like it's fine. I have so many questions that will go unanswered.

Okay, that was the last one. :blobheartcat:

Apologies for the blurriness at the top of the pictures, I broke my phone camera at some point and even after replacing the glass this is about as good as it gets.

Obviously I had a great time and am still super excited about it. Is it time for Zinefest 2023 yet? 😄

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I loved everything at this table, I wanted to buy every single thing and had to hold myself back a lot.

Besides these great zines and prints, they're also a dollmaker and everything is just so sparkly and fun and PINK and awesome.

I think I was a little too hard on the journal and the staples came out, but I fixed it with some yarn and it still holds together.

Pictured: Rebel Pink (zine), a witchy print, and a multicolor tiger journal all by Chyna Jones/Fluff Punk.

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