@lapis the ones I've read (Bitch Planet, Goldie Vance, Blackbird, Redlands, Ice Cream Man, Outcast, Revival) are really good. I've heard good things about a lot of the others so I'm excited to read them.

I got Blackbird just for Jen Bartel's artwork, which is excellent, but the story was also well done. But I feel like it didn't really end and I'm not sure they're making more? So that might be a disappointment.

A few of these are pretty gruesome, so also depends on if you like horror.

@lapis also you have Mooncakes in that stack! It was so cute and I love it.

Crowded is very good and disturbingly relevant. I hope you like it. I've been recommending it to friends a lot but I don't think anyone else I know has checked it out yet.

The rest are new to me, I'll have to give them a look!

Finally editing a podcast episode while I do some cleaning in my office. Hurray!

@Mycroft it does look interesting. Money is tight right now but if/when he gets a job and I have more open spending again I probably will consider hosting one.

@Mycroft yeah, I went and asked him about it right after I posted here and he mentioned that. πŸ˜†

I vaguely remember noticing it after it had been going for awhile, deciding whatever you were talking about sounded complicated and beyond my knowledge base so went to do something else.

Anyway I got it now.

@Mycroft This is the first I've heard about it but it's a Shiny New Thing so I must try it.

It *does* seem a bit weird to just sign up on the big one, but I'm gonna just embrace the noob-ness of it and do that because it's easy and I have no idea what I'm doing yet.

@naga wow, I guess that probably *was* a few years ago. Seems shorter. But yeah, it was me.

Also tough because comics is a medium more than a genre and there are just *so many* options and there isn't really a smaller category that sums up the ones I like reading. Probably better to just talk about them a lot and tag the titles instead.

Though going back to WicDiv one volume per month is tempting, now that the whole series is wrapped up. Hmm.

Baby-Sitters Club is finally on Netflix! Hurray!

Watched the entire thing in the past two days.

I loved these books so much as a kid, and it's a very well-done adaptation that's true to the heart of the series with a believable contemporary setting. It's also queer AF, so yay!

I had to keep stopping the video to cry when familiar characters popped up.

It's not perfect, I definitely have some notes for improvement, but it is very very good.

Like, 9/10 probably.

@lapis @revolverocelot

for sci-fi/fantasy
for non-fiction, though not currently active I think

is pretty self-explanatory, but more loose "talk about what you're reading" rather than reading specific books together

*kind of* counts I think. I'm counting it.

I might start a comics one but I'm bad at starting things so who knows.

*really* vague quote I'm trying to place, I *think* it's from a book? 

Might be a tv show or movie, but I think I read it.

There's a conversation where the main character/narrator is talking to a group laughing about a prank they played on someone there narrator knows, like I think maybe a brother?

Narrator says something like "ha, that's so funny, I bet he cried for a week. I bet his family was really worried." And they all just look confused.

Anyone know what this is from? I have no ideas.

Today's read: "Die" #11 by Kieron Gillen

It's. So. GOOD.

If you're a fan of

- WicDiv and/or Phonograph
- tabletop RPGs
- stories about stories
- complicated and interesting characters
- angst

You should consider reading this comic.

@bentcent Yeah, definitely.

I prefer to revisit the characters in fanfic as a general rule, but if the original author is offering...I'll usually at least give it a look.

It helps a little that Rainbow Rowell's Simon Snow stuff started as fanfic and is (by her own words) still written that way. Oops, all fanfic!


The comic store is open again since the state lockdown ended but I still haven't been able to get there. Luckily, they also do delivery now! So I was surprised with issue one of the new Sabrina comic and I'm very happy.

I'm about to go record a podcast episode so will read it after. I'll talk about Sabrina (tv show) then read about Sabrina! What a good day.

Maybe I'll even watch an episode of the sitcom later and get *all* the Sabrinas!

@tozka I did that for awhile, but I think even writing on the computer puts me in the mindset of writing for an audience and kind of cuts off the creative/emotional process in favor of "Wait will this make any sense to people? Do I need to add 9 more paragraphs for context so they can follow along with my brain?"

This was brought to my attention by a co-worker who *actually read* my 3 page summary of a protest I went to (which I appreciate a lot and didn't expect) but let me know it was TMI.

name change, trans stuff, not book related 

I'd shared a little before about preparing to get my name legally changed. One of the big considerations was *kind of* wanting to take the middle name Louis/Lewis from several members on both sides of my family, but also dealing with the fact that all of them I know are assholes who wouldn't support me.

So I looked at some variants and was just going for a weird spelling.

But just now today I learned Lowe and Love are variants and I kind of love them?

So far, though, I have written 0 journal entries since I decided that.

I used to write DAILY when I was a kid and now it's like I don't remember how. Kind of the same as reading. Like I used to just do it for fun because I wanted to and then grad school happened and you can't just read to *read*, you have to read *for* something and it's hard to break that.

Journalers, what do you even write about? How do you get started? Follow prompts or just stream of conscious?

I am so lost here.

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