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Just heard someone talking about feminism say we all start as women in the womb. 🙄

Gross. No one is a man or woman in the womb, they're a fetus. Genitalia doesn't make you a man or a woman.

Like I know she's not actually transphobic in this case but it's such a gross ingrained way of thinking about human development and it does reinforce transphobic assumptions.

@scarletferret Sorry, we're tiny and there's a lot of instances so we get lost in the crowd.

I just opened sign-ups if you want to switch over to this one, though.

~~Admin Stuff~~

I've temporarily changed the instance to have open sign-ups. Not sure how long it will stay that way but figured it was worth a shot and I'm much more comfortable with it now than when I started.

This place is really small and pretty niche, and we haven't had really any problems since I started it. And also I'm not the best at staying on top of applications. And I want to make it easier for people to get off the hellbirdsite.

Heartstopper has been on my to-read list for a long time and I still haven't read it, but I have watched about half the Netflix series now. It's very good and you should watch it if you want I feel all warm and fuzzy and have your cheeks hurt from smiling.

@lapis thanks. :blobcat:

I was a UU, not even Christian, and they make a big show of being very open and progressive but I haven't found it a safe space at all in practice.

They did very well. I attended the zoom service this morning. There was a point last night where I had actually corrected their interpretation of a source and after since silence they said they know I'm right but they're annoyed I corrected them. 😆

I think they just need time to sit with criticism.

Problem 3 - Helping them with this stuff and other things related to their work with churches always kind of frustrates me.

Because I'm fucking *good* at this, ok? Like, there's a reason they still always ask me even though they get mad every time.

But churches don't like me. 🤷 And after years of being rejected and let down by churches, I'm not too thrilled with them either. So I get to work for a retail company and try to find ways to spin these skills into hobbies somehow.

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My sibling asked me to help with their sermon for tomorrow.

Problem 1 - it's *tomorrow*, so when I realize that my main advice is to scrap the primary text and start over, that's just not possible.

Problem 2 - They do not take critique well at all and now they're mad at me.

Riverdale spoilers through season 6 ep. 9 (ch 104) 

Hiram mining all the palladium in the town inadvertently removed Archie's weakness and therefore made him harder to kill, oops.

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Riverdale spoilers through season 6 ep. 9 (ch 104) 

Silly not real theory, except it's Riverdale so maybe??

Archie always had super powers but since they live right on top of palladium deposits it's been dampened most of his life. This is why he is still alive despite bear fights and numerous attempts to kill him.

So who else randomly gets "Dos Oruguitas" stuck in their head and then just have to hold back the urge to cry-sing at work? Just me? 😅

@lapis Nice! I might do a rewatch then, too. I still like it, but it has definitely gone a bit off the rails and I'm kind of nostalgic for the simple straightforward plots of season 1. 😁

Finally wrote down my thoughts about Felix Ever After and can read something else! Next up is Kiki's Delivery Service. I just watched the movie for the first time a few days ago and loved it.

I've been watching quite a few animated films lately. Similar to why I like reading YA, they're just so cute and cozy and optimistic. I need that in my life.

Prompts/ideas to help myself with that:

1 - every day I read something, share something that stood out to me about it.

2 - every week share my favorite thing I read.

3 - when I finish a book, leave a review on one of the book sites so I can get a feel for them and see which one/s I like.

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New reading goal is just to share more about what I'm reading and actually kind of review things. Even when I read in a group it's hard for me to know what to talk about so I wind up not saying much at all.

I remember in middle school once my teacher pulled me aside and wanted to know if something was wrong because she knew I read a *ton* normally and it was "clear" I hadn't read the assignment (I had) because I didn't share in the group discussion.

Gonna work on that.


Some YouTube channels I've enjoyed - Multiplicity & Me, Entropy System, Alexandrite System, Rings System, Acrylic & Aether,

I follow the OSDD subreddit and a lot of times if I search for a term I've never heard before they have some good explanations.

And of course was already mentioned.

There's such a huge variety of experiences grouped under "plural," I've found just hearing from a lot of people generally more helpful than abstract descriptions.

I never read or watched Hunger Games. No particular reason, I just didn't have a lot of time to read when they were super popular and I've had a lot of things since then I wanted to read more I guess.

Today I watched a video by Yhara Zayd about people's racist responses to the film and it reminded me of this misogynist former classmate who hated the books.

So now I want to read them, but wonder if I should wait awhile longer so it's not like 50% spite and I can just enjoy it.

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I was talking to friends about a couple of people I find just *so so so* attractive and internally just go 😍 🙌 🙏 :blobheartcat: when I see them. One had a bunch of cute outfits in a video and I was like 💖 and thought that's what thirst trap must mean.

Then I realized allos probably actually mean they think sexy thoughts in those cases. 😱 Whereas I'm over here like "can I please buy you snacks and hold your hand? Maybe hug maybe?"


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