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My next favorite is probably Squirrel Girl's, though it barely qualifies. Also I'm not sure which one should count as the costume. Because, like, she lives her daily life in a costume (with her tail hidden away under her clothes) but then is her actual natural self when superheroing *but* adds a squirrel ear headband. She's literally always in costume! Very minimal not-at-all-a-disguise costumes, but still!

I recently picked up the Marvel Rising doll of her and mixed the two.

Juuuust about finished with my Halloween costume. Gonna be Jughead from the comics reboot. With some Riverdale influences (a Serpents pin πŸ˜†).

Pretty happy with how they turned out, given I have very little experience or skill for crafts.

Last step is to find a beanie or similar I can wear under the crown. Making a hat out of felt didn't work out so well for me.

Quentin Quire is such a treasure.

Also I 100% believe that even though these *look* like he could easily make them himself with a sharpie, he instead paid a big fancy designer way too much money to do it for him.

I love him so much.

(Panels from "West Coast Avengers" issue 2)

My parents came to visit me today and wanted to go to the zoo. We saw a mastodon and a hippo.

I think someone who works at this zoo is one of us. πŸ˜†


(Img desc: comic on hoopla. Summary: "After being bitten by a strange girl, Renee has been changing. So she summons the Moonlighters to solve her werewolf problem. But she finds out 1) they help monsters, not gone then and 2) The Moonlighters are a team of werewolves themselves!")

Must read. Must read now.

14 - The last book(s) you loaned out

Awhile back one of my friends mentioned she was interested in comics but didn't know where to start. So I said I could lend her some, went a little overboard, and took a pic because I knew I'd forget which ones I loaned her.

So, this is my comics starter set, basically.

Minus the Batman one, which is actually my partner's and only there because she'd already read vol 1 and liked it. *shrug* No accounting for taste.

One of the books I picked up was "Why I Left, Why I stayed: Conversations on Christianity Between an Evangelical Father and His Humanist Son."

The chapter titles are fantastic. XD I haven't even started the book yet really and so far it's like 90% them snarking at each other. (In a good-natured way, I'm sure.)

6 - Last book that made you LOL

The Wicked and the Divine, issue 8.

Oh, Cassie.

1 - Your first favorite book

So, the first book I really remember loving a lot...I don't actually know the name of. My sister threw it out the window of a car when we were fighting and I've never been able to find it again.

The next would be "Sweet Valley Kids #35 - Left Back." I still have this book, and it started off a love of Sweet Valley that lasted a loooooong time. TBH I still re-read them sometimes, including this one. It holds up.

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Making emojis is hard. :D

I thought these cute little superhero log "non-compliant" things I made as tattoo designs awhile ago would make good ones, but they're too tiny to see.

So I'll just share them here instead.

Also, pride flags added finally. Any others you want me to prioritize, let me know.

:batgirlnc: :nbflag: :aceflag: :transflag:

About to start reading issue 2 for this week, just noticed the sticker on the front of the bag. :D

I bought these online quite awhile ago and guess I never paid attention to the store name. That's awesome.

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