I know the blog site doesn't actually work well with Mastodon even though it's technically able to show up. So here's a link to a tarot post I just did!

@zephasaurus_hex I'll watch the video later but this is so cool!

I started (last year I think?) With Modern Witch Tarot by Lisa Sterle (who also drew the werewolf graphic novel Squad, which if you haven't read you really should)

but recently a friend (I started becoming pen pals with people on here) sent me a package with a lot of cool witchy shit, but also the Cosmic Slumber Deck designed by Tillie Walden of Graphic Novel Fame.

I'm gaga over this deck, and I worry the first deck will get sad

@lapis new decks are always so exciting! Squad is on my reading list, definitely moved up a few notches now. I hadn't made the connection.

Do you do daily card draws? Maybe one could be a daily draw deck and one for specific readings? And then you can switch them up when you want a change.

I pick a different deck for daily draws every month, currently it's the Arthur Rackham Oracle. But i also have a lot of decks (I've been collecting for almost 20 years) so i need to mix it up like that.

@zephasaurus_hex I'm not consistent but I do try to do a daily card draw. This might be what I need!

(thank you!)

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