I loved everything at this table, I wanted to buy every single thing and had to hold myself back a lot.

Besides these great zines and prints, they're also a dollmaker and everything is just so sparkly and fun and PINK and awesome.

I think I was a little too hard on the journal and the staples came out, but I fixed it with some yarn and it still holds together.

Pictured: Rebel Pink (zine), a witchy print, and a multicolor tiger journal all by Chyna Jones/Fluff Punk.

Okay, that was the last one. :blobheartcat:

Apologies for the blurriness at the top of the pictures, I broke my phone camera at some point and even after replacing the glass this is about as good as it gets.

Obviously I had a great time and am still super excited about it. Is it time for Zinefest 2023 yet? 😄

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