Local zinefest was so great!

I didn't think to take a picture of my haul before i sorted out all into my zine box. 🤦‍♂️

I'll get out a few of my favorites to show off and try to find the authors' info/socials/shops.

But it was really fun to talk to so many people and i always get so inspired when I'm there.

Bought a journal from one of the tablers to immediately start writing down ideas and planning out zines for when i have time.

Things i love about zinefest:

Seeing creators whose work i bought in previous years and getting to see what they've done since.

Being around "my people." My partner went with me and said he kept thinking he saw me but it was just someone who looks/dresses like me. 😁

Talking to people i dont actually know personally like we're old friends.

It's so queer and witchy.

Just all the incredible creativity on display. So many people doing very different things with it.

It gives me hope and joy.

Cat zines!

Another thing I love is that *so many* people have zines that are basically "look at my cat(s)!" It doesn't matter what their other zines are, genre and style are irrelevant, look at this cat now.

Only one of these is from this year, but I wanted to show them all.

Pictured: The Cats I Know by Kara Kuhn etsy.com/shop/queercook

The Many Jobs of Zeppelin by Emily Hahn instagram.com/themilydesigns/

Girls, author unknown and their website www.sundayweek.net no longer exists. :(


A bunch of zines on this table had really cool and unique formats with moving parts and really fun art.

My favorite is this phone-shaped "Orc Seeking Orc" app where you swipe past each profile.

They're a lot of fun to look at and play with.


Pictured - A Body of Work by Mel and Sean Dempsey
Troll Hunt and Orc Seeking Orc both by Sean Dempsey.

Witchy Stuff!

I wish I'd bought both issues Tarot Manifest at the table because they're no longer available on the website so I might not have another chance. :( It's really cool, there's some neat gardening-inspired spreads inside I just love.

Rayne Klar does a *bunch* of really cool stuff you should check out.

Pictured - Tarot Manifest by Taxonomy Press taxonomypress.bigcartel.com/
Witch Tips for Spells or Whatever by Rayne Klar instagram.com/smallsmallwitch/

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