Felix Ever After spoilers 

I almost don't want to keep listening because I feel like if this doesn't end in a polycule (and I feel like I'd have heard about it if it did) I'm going to be devastated for somebody. Not fair.

Felix Ever After spoilers 

Oh nooooo I'm already devastated and also I hate everyone. About an hour and a half to go.

Felix Ever After predictions pt 1 (spoilers) 

Who made the gallery?

1 - Hazel was my first guess early on and I still think she's the most likely. She just seems pretty awful in every way.

2 - some random classmate we haven't met or was just barely mentioned, to throw us off

3 - Austin, because jealousy?

4 - Marisol because she hasn't actually been discounted yet and is also awful.

5 - Lia/Leah (audiobook = I have no idea how to spell names), I really don't think so and hope not, but skillz.


Felix Ever After predictions pt 2 (spoilers) 

I think Declan will get the scholarship and go off to Brown (at least, I *think* that's the school they both want), Ezra and Felix will get into a very good school nearby and room together, dating optional but likely.

Declan will make peace with both of them, he and Felix will keep texting, and everyone gets to live happily ever after.

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