Six of Crows ch 1-3 

I don't have a lot to say since at this point it's mostly character intros, but here's my impressions of all the characters I remember meeting so far.

Inej - badass knife-lady, 10/10 would read all about her

Kaz - this is basically if Spot from Newsies grew up a lil then went through the plot of The Thief, so I love him

Joost - seems useless and I think he just exists to showcase the healer, who I hope comes back but I forget her name

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Six of Crows ch 1-3 

Apparently I hadn't actually finished chapter 3 yesterday and we *do* hear about the healer again.

Oh no.

Six of Crows ch 1-3, audiobook specifically 

One of the readers (Kaz's stuff I think) sounds just like Jason Marsden. It makes me feel like I'm watching one of my comfort shows from the 90s and makes me happy.

Six of Crows ch 1-3, audiobook specifically 

@zephasaurus_hex ooh is the audio book full cast? ๐Ÿ‘€

Six of Crows ch 1-3, audiobook specifically 

@zephasaurus_hex also I haven't watched newsies yet (shame on me!) But I don't think you're that far off. My brother watched the eight episodes of the show with me and called Kaz "Not Balthier" for all those ff12 fans out there lol. (I... may have been disappointed tv kaz doesn't look like a teen Newsie or a dickens orphan. )

Six of Crows ch 1-3, audiobook specifically 

@lapis I looked up pictures and yeah, he definitely looks like Spot.

I was also picturing younger until the guy who kidnapped him reads off his arrest record and makes it sound like the last one at 15 was quite awhile ago. Which makes more sense, when I think about it. I was just picturing Newsies. ๐Ÿ˜

Six of Crows ch 1-3, audiobook specifically 

@lapis it is! Unfortunately it's also audible-only. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I try to get most of my books from Kobo and get out of the Amazon habit but they draw me in sometimes.

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