Just finished rewatching the Sabrina finale (spoilers) 

So like. I hate Sabrina. The character, I mean. Love the show, for the most part. But Sabrina as a character just bugs me to no end. I've said many times that when this series ends they should do a Sabrina-free spinoff.

But the way they actually killed her was ridiculous and cheap and annoys me even more than she does. And on top of everything she's still the center of the comic continuation, so it didn't even mean anything for the story.

Just finished rewatching the Sabrina finale (spoilers) 

I also want to emphasize that my hatred of Sabrina is not Kiernan Shipka's fault. I've liked her in other things and hated Sabrina in just about every adaptation of the comics. So it's not even a writer thing. TBH it's a frequent issue I have with many series and I'm starting to think I just hate main characters. A consequence of them needing to make bad choices for drama. Prudence would probably suck too if she had to make the story happen.

Just finished rewatching the Sabrina finale (spoilers) 

@zephasaurus_hex in a different genre (copaganda tv), The Closer spun off Major Crimes as an ensemble show when the lead left, and became much better for it. So, yeah.

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