Can anyone recommend for me a cute YA queer romance that doesn't have the part where one or both (or *all* if there's a poly version!) parties has a misunderstanding that ruins everything and there's drama for like three chapters?

This is my chill time, I just want them to be cute and happy and know how to communicate!

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I'm gonna come back and respond to recs people made tonight, now just on a short work break.

But thanks! I'll be looking into all of them soon. I've been a little busy and exhausted.

@zephasaurus_hex I don't know if its YA bit "A Knight to Remember" by Bridget Essex is about a librarian and a super buff warrior lady falling in love. Its not a super serious novel, it has a happy ending, and they're both emotionally competent.

@frostotron Sounds interesting, thank you!

I'm never 100% sure what YA means either and it's not actually a requirement. I just tend to stick to those because they're not super likely to include sex scenes, which I do not like to read and wind up skipping when they are included.

@zephasaurus_hex Oh okay! There is one short sex scene in the book that uses a lot of flowery language. Its pretty chill as far as sex scenes go.

@zephasaurus_hex don't quote me but I think "Odd One Out" by Nic Stone didn't have this problem. I'll revisit this tomorrow

@zephasaurus_hex Well, I thought that would be be easy, but looking at my list, lots of the fic I know have either some drama, or at least love to play with the trope of the useless (trans) lesbian ^^

That, here are a few stories I really like, and that you too might :


There is already a lot of very good and queer reading in there, and they're all still ongoing ^^

@zephasaurus_hex Okay Some Girls Do which just came out is great. There is conflict and misunderstanding, but Jennifer Dugan makes it from the parties wanting two different things and it's more a willful misunderstanding

If you haven't read the Comic "Check, Please!" (there's a web version but I hate the interface, imo get it in print) you should totally read it, though it'd qualify as NA since they're in college

@zephasaurus_hex if you haven't read Wayward children, the first one has a misunderstanding that's resolved in a matter of paragraphs.

If you haven't read Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe, do it. There's a sequel coming out this year.

I don't THINK Cemetery Boys had any misunderstandings between the romantic leads but I don't recall to be frank.

@zephasaurus_hex I didn't think this would be such a difficult request to fill lol. It seems like conflict being the lifeblood of stories gets to be a bit much in some of these.

@lapis Right!? There are so many! And I always know it's coming at this point because it's always there. Well, not always. I don't think They Both Die at the End did it. That was a downer in other ways. But I need some other less formulaic stories to reset my expectations.

Bookmarked all your suggestions. A few of them were actually already on my wishlist so I'm excited you thought to suggest them here because that probably means they're good choices. :)


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