Books read so far this week:

All Systems Red (hilarious, sweet, fun, I loved it and am already excited to read the next even though there's a few others in line ahead of it)

They Both Die At The End (crushing, beautiful, so much crying, but I'm glad I finally got over my character death reluctance and gave it a chance because it's excellent)

Next up:

A Desolation Called Peace

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Anyone else just completely unable to deal with character deaths in their books? I must not mind too much in tv because I still watch Riverdale, but let me connect at all to a book character and you better never take that character away from me or I will cry like I've known them my whole life and my heart is empty and also broken. Also I'll probably never read it again.

@zephasaurus_hex depends on the character. Normally it isn't a problem, though I have had occasions where it has kind of ruined the book for me.

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