non-book, job interview, mental health, money thoughts 

Just had a job interview over the phone. I was afraid it was going to be a surprise zoom call so I got all dressed up and even wore a tie. I looked cute!

I love everything about the job except that I'd be taking a $5.50/hr pay cut. Yikes.

So what it comes down to basically is that I can't decide if my mental health is worth that much. Which is. A really weird depressing thing to say. But like. My partner doesn't work and I'm scared.


non-book, job interview, mental health, money thoughts 

Good news! Kind of.

I was wrong about how much I made. It was bugging me so I went to look at my actual paycheck and I make less than I thought I did!

So really it's only $3.67/hr less. And if I can keep working my current job just one day a week I'd actually be making more. HMMM.

I have some thinking to do. And probably questions to ask to find out if I'm allowed to do that.

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I got that job I had interviewed for from my previous posts. Yay!

I start next month and I'm pretty excited. Hopefully I'll have more time and energy to read and relax and post more.

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