Last year was a very bad one for me and books. I think I only finished 2. Looking at some reading challenges to inspire more interest and motivation this year.

Any recommendations?

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I looked at a bunch of reading challenges and found a few that caught my interest. But after thinking about it some more I'm gonna skip those this year and instead do a challenge I just made up called "read the books that are already in your house and/or your phone."

I haven't actually started that yet. But this weekend I'll find something I want to read and get going.

@zephasaurus_hex I can look through my bookshelf and bring some physical books that once upon a time I considered precious enough to keep, if you can get them back to me when you're done

@zephasaurus_hex hm 🤔
1. storygraph has a variety of challenges if you haven't tried that yet.
2. Honestly I'm cutting myself some slack. last year I made it so 1/4th of my books had to be backlog, and it sort of just ruined the fun of reading until I gave it up in like November.
3. If you feel up to it, I'm willing to restart the bookclub. But only if you want to, no pressure!

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