My witchy mastodon instances no longer exist, and I miss them. What are some good current witchy instances?

Probably mostly gonna be talking about tarot/oracle stuff and maybe sometimes ritual design.

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If you find one let me know! I've mainly just been tarot talking on here (weirder earth) but it's not a special instance.

@gryphon I signed up for but am waiting to be approved so I'm not sure what it's like yet.

I think that might be the one I left because the admin?? I forget though cause it was months ago

@gryphon Okay, I'm in. Seems to be not very active and more a place for witches than a place to talk about witchy things, but it's nice.

I took a quick look at the admins and didn't get any red flags, but idk.

Fair! It was also not direct experience with them. It just also doesn't have the focus on magix that I wanted in an instance for that

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