I was 100% just gonna dress up for Halloween to sit alone at home Saturday. XD

But my co-worker texted to ask if I'm dressing up for work tomorrow, which I didn't know I could do! Hurray!

I predict 0 people will recognize my costume (Quentin Quire), but if they do I will know they have great taste and maybe we can be friends!

I love Halloween.

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Not a single person recognized my costume but it's cool.

Fat transmasc Quentin Quire, yay!

My favorite part is the Quentin pin I definitely think he would wear if he saw it, and which made a convenient "I'm this guy!" non-explanation when people asked. XD

Partner's take: ... But. How will people know it's even a costume? That's just how you dress. True.

A co-worker told me she wasn't really familiar with X-Men but did see one of the movies.

Her: Is there one with claws?
Me: Huh?
Her: One of the movies had a guy with claws, right?
Me: Yeah, that's Wolverine, he's in like all of them.
Her: Yeah, Wolverine! I saw the one with Wolverine!

I love my co-workers *so much*.

@zephasaurus_hex Dressing up for work on the closest day to Halloween isn't a thing I ask permission for, it's something I *do*. (And I have a change of clothes if necessary.)

Its-a me, Mario!

@Mycroft I always dress up on Halloween but I managed to not be working Halloween this year so I didn't think about it. But apparently the managers decided it counts. So yay!

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