Time to watch "The Craft: Legacy."



The Craft: Legacy, very mild spoilers 

It was...fine. Not really on the same level as the original, but I mostly liked it.

Things I liked:
- The main 4
- Friendship!
- The ending
- Reformed Timmy

Things I disliked:
- How easily nostalgic callbacks win me over XD
- Very quick and simple plot, felt a little TV-movie, not helped by just...skipping over things that would probably cause more conflict

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The Craft: Legacy, actual spoilers 


I like the ways witchcraft is used in fiction as a manifestation of feminine power, and obviously that lends itself to some commentary about patriarchy. Super on board for that.

*Not* so on board with the oversimplified "oh there's a guy here and he's a misogynist and that's it that's the whole conflict."

The villain to overcome was basically made of cardboard therefore their victory felt a little underwhelming and they deserve better tbh.

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