Home from work for a few days to recover from surgery on my wrist. I also can't play games and am just barely getting to a point where I feel comfy typing, so it's MOVIE DAYS! Yay!

Today is witch day. Already watched Practical Magic and Witches of Eastwick, currently on The Craft, The VVitch is up next. Maybe also Paranorman?

Any good recs for things I might find on streaming?

ยท ยท 1 ยท 2 ยท 1

@zephasaurus_hex not movies, but have you watched the new Sabrina episodes from way earlier in the year? I haven't yet (been busy with other shows) but I'd be curious of your thoughts. (like for example if a thought is "don't. Just forget there was more" lol )

@lapis I have! We've even recorded episodes for them. So that'll give you an idea how far behind I am in editing. ๐Ÿ˜…

(We record the finale next week, then probably a hiatus so I can catch up.)

I really enjoyed it. I'm...not exactly sad the next season is set to be the last, I don't think it's sustainable for long, but it hasn't quite hit the downhill point for me yet.

@zephasaurus_hex Yeah maybe it's good they're not renewing it. If nothing else, if you don't know when you're ending you can't provide closure.

@zephasaurus_hex oh yeah, watch Nancy Drew if you haven't already! (I still have four episodes left). I think it's only on CW streaming right now, but last I checked they had all of it.

I know that because of *gestures vaguely* the world, they ended the season early, but I haven't heard anyone scream incoherently about how bad of an idea that was, but then again I think I'm the only person watching it lol.

@lapis I liked what I saw! I just checked the app and saw I have 5 episodes left. So I've got those and I think probably about the same number for Batwoman to watch still.

@zephasaurus_hex @lapis Oh, the back end of Batwoman's S1 is *very* good!

@lapis @zephasaurus_hex Jumping in with, if you liked S2, you'll probably like S3 (I'm a fan).

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