cw - pain, surgery, dismissing experiences 

In about a week I go for surgery to fix my messed up wrist. This is great, because it's been hurting for most of this year and I kept thinking it was nothing and I should just wait for it to heal.

Co-worker made a comment about how my approach to injury is wear a brace and go to work as normal.

And *that's* weird because my whole life my family told me I was a wimp with no pain tolerance.

And it just hit me *no one else* thinks that about me.


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cw - pain, surgery, dismissing experiences 

In fact, I'm frequently known for not taking my pain seriously and waiting to seek medical help until I just can't function anymore.

This is *so much* my thing that it was a big part of my autism diagnosis as a child - that if I was given a task (like running laps) I'd keep at it even if I was struggling to breathe and just ignore my body's feedback.

And *still* I kept being told I just whine about pain and use it as an excuse.

2/3 oops

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cw - pain, surgery, dismissing experiences 

Oh. My. Glob.

I was never a wimp about pain, if I'm talking about it it means *I'm actually in too much pain to ignore* and people have just been ignoring me anyway my whole life because whenever I complained about being in pain I'd downplay it and be in tears over something I'd say wasn't "that bad."



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cw - pain, surgery, dismissing experiences 

@zephasaurus_hex ugh

that makes it even worse when you do finally convince yourself to seek professional diagnosis, as part of what they go by is how you say you feel

I know you're transmasc but don't get trapped into "manning up" toxic masculinity

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