Found a new book today, might be the first on my "wow I have to read that" list for the year.

A Werewolf In Riverdale, by Caleb Roehrig

It's a novelization of Jughead: the Hunger!

That's a really good comic you should read if you like horror and Archie.

I'm excited.

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@zephasaurus_hex I remember Worst Bestsellers (Which sometimes tackle good books, like they have a Nora Roberts month to reward themselves) doing a teamup with IDEOTV to tackle it. The only thing that stuck out about the show is that at least half the people talking about it were Riverdale watchers, and from the title thought it'd be tied into CW Riverdale, which I think is a fair assumption if you aren't deep in the Archie Comics-verse

@lapis It is a fair assumption, especially since the cover art is in the same style as the CW-verse books, which were right next to it on the shelf where I saw it.

I was actually expecting more of a mix, like how Jughead: the Hunger is in its own universe but much closer to the classic comics. Like a CW-adjacent horror-verse.

It still might be. I'm not very far in yet and Jughead and Dilton (the only characters I've really seen so far) as much more CW than comic.

@zephasaurus_hex I want to say, didn't they do a Riverdale novelization or some Riverdale comics-exclusive material and the general consensus was that it was bad?

@lapis Well, I only read two issues and therefore I don't know if it got better.

My feeling on it was that it wasn't *bad*, it just wasn't interesting or necessary.

I kind of thought they were going to be either extra adventures or crucial background info. But they can't have actually important things happening off-screen where most viewers won't see them.

So it's just random things like "ooh, Hermione was watching a car wash and plotting" or something.

Very forgettable.

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