Baby-Sitters Club is finally on Netflix! Hurray!

Watched the entire thing in the past two days.

I loved these books so much as a kid, and it's a very well-done adaptation that's true to the heart of the series with a believable contemporary setting. It's also queer AF, so yay!

I had to keep stopping the video to cry when familiar characters popped up.

It's not perfect, I definitely have some notes for improvement, but it is very very good.

Like, 9/10 probably.

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@zephasaurus_hex This is half-shitpost, but something I'm genuinely wondering.

Did they make Dawn into an Anti-vaxxer?

@zephasaurus_hex So I definitely need to watch this? I never read the books or anything, but I have a soft spot for queer shit and coming-of-age shit.

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