A couple of weeks ago I decided I was going to try writing actual *journal* entries, like in a paper notebook instead of a public blog. 😱

I haven't done that in soooo long. Basically since I discovered livejournal existed almost 20 years ago.

I feel like I've gotten in the habit of publicly broadcasting my thoughts to process them, which means a lot of oversharing and a tendency to avoid writing until I can turn it into Content, which leads to a lot of scatterbrain.



So far, though, I have written 0 journal entries since I decided that.

I used to write DAILY when I was a kid and now it's like I don't remember how. Kind of the same as reading. Like I used to just do it for fun because I wanted to and then grad school happened and you can't just read to *read*, you have to read *for* something and it's hard to break that.

Journalers, what do you even write about? How do you get started? Follow prompts or just stream of conscious?

I am so lost here.

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what you had for breakfast, the weather, what the people you usually agree with about most things get wrong about this one specific thing ... anything to get the ball rolling, in other words.

@zephasaurus_hex I don't journal daily. I do fill out my daily, and use a dot journal method (branch off of bullet journaling. No one knows what it is, so just bullet journal) to write in bulk.

Like if you want this from a historical perspective I can assure you your to-do list is historically important, especially if you mark off "be gay" daily 🤣

TLDR: consider what journaling means to you. You may need a different perspective.

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