I regularly complain about stories that go on well after they should have ended and therefore get incredibly frustrating in how they repeat or undo previous storylines for drama and won't let any characters have satisfying growth arcs.


That said, there are two series that are definitely finished and don't need to continue that have upcoming sequels I *cannot wait* to read.

Anyone have similar areas of hypocritical feelings regarding books and other media?

@zephasaurus_hex the skulduggery pleasant book series was a very satisfying 9 books long, obviously well-planned and paced by the author, well-tied-up, everything

recently found out the author just. continued writing books - not spin-offs/one-offs, which he'd already done in the past, straight-up "i am continuing the series" - and i have been haunting my local half-price books since trying to find some copies.

@zephasaurus_hex i hate it when authors keep adding sequels like that that undo previous work, but at the same time, do ya' ever get so attached to characters ya' HAFTA read the sequel, just to see 'em again?

i feel like that every book, honestly

@bentcent Yeah, definitely.

I prefer to revisit the characters in fanfic as a general rule, but if the original author is offering...I'll usually at least give it a look.

It helps a little that Rainbow Rowell's Simon Snow stuff started as fanfic and is (by her own words) still written that way. Oops, all fanfic!

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