I did a blog. It's been awhile.

Just some rambling about the last book I finished. Which might also be the first book I finished this year???? Yikes, I hope not. That's depressing.

But, uh...yeah. I just looked through my ebooks and audiobooks and seems like that's probably the case. Well, I hope it's the first of many.

US Politics and light-hearted books 

@zephasaurus_hex I can relate a LOT to this.

You know that book Adam Silvera and Becky Albertalli cowrote?
I enjoyed it a lot when I first read it, but when I reread it last year, I just got upset.

it's that Trump is treated as this bad dream that will be a problem later, and I couldn't stop thinking about kids in goddamn concentration camps during my gay romance romp in New York.


US Politics and light-hearted books 

Thoughts kept popping in like "What if this character had to deal with ICE?" and yeah.

Honestly I think I'd throw the book to the ground if I read it again post-primary.

I think it'd be like Reading "Hope Never Dies" now (though it's not a light-hearted romp is my understanding) that we know the horrible truth about Biden.


US Politics and light-hearted books 

Do I want more serious books? Do I want escapism? I don't know honestly. I think I want a book that makes me feel like I'm not running away from reality, but not everything is hopeless, if that makes sense. I'm honestly guessing.


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