mod stuff, blog site suggestions 

Especially for the new people I just invited but also for anyone really:

One of my only problems with the WriteFreely instance is the lack of commenting.

My solution for it has been to follow the blogs here so I can just comment on Mastodon, but I have *no idea* if those comments show up for the blogger.

Anyone know? Have any other suggestions?

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mod stuff, blog site suggestions 

@zephasaurus_hex I think you can only see comments if you're following both the blog and the commenter (like I just saw yours). I can't really think of a way to view comments via write Freely.

It honestly might be easier for the time being to directly at the person on mastodon if you know their account.

More research is required

mod stuff, blog site suggestions 

@lapis Ooh, also good. I'll keep that in mind, thank you.

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