Question for the users:

How would you feel about opening the instance for people to join on their own instead of requiring invites?

There was a big trolling problem small instances were having when I made it, so I was being very cautious. But life is kind of weighing me down enough I haven't kept up with the requests and I'm wondering if it might be worth doing a trial run.

Concerns: finding the energy to deal with trolls if there *is* an influx of them.



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Regardless, here's my plan going forward:

1 - Schedule and keep to at least 1 hour of mod time each week. Say....Monday night at 10:30. That should be manageable regardless of whether and when I work that day or Tuesday.

2 - Updates! Like, a post here right after I finish checking for requests or problems each week.

3 - When I'm doing that I'll also ask for feedback in case I missed something, so I don't have to worry I'm doing a bad job or put it all on myself to catch everything.

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@weirdwriter Plume looks pretty cool. I don't yet feel confident enough to run an instance of it myself, I'm relying on hosts who handle the technical bits for both this and the blog site and I don't see anything similar for Plume.

I might sign up to an existing instance to try it out and see if that motivates me to learn more, though.

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@zephasaurus_hex about to move my followers over to this instance. Would I have any problems because this instance is private? I look forward to moving to my smaller home!

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@weirdwriter Nope, that should be fine. As long as it's not a specifically blocked instance, the fact that you're following them will link them to ours. Thanks!

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