Depression, quarantine 

I've been having such a tough time focusing on literally anything lately. All the books I was reading got abandoned. I got a Marvel YA book from the library right before our state shut down and haven't touched it. I can't even read single issues of comics I love. Everything just feels so meaningless and heavy.

But just now I was looking at a book for a club, hated it, but for some reason really want to read the horror books in my recs. Not my usual, but I'll try.

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Depression, quarantine 

@zephasaurus_hex I find when I am depressed, sometimes I really want to consume media that reflects my mood

Depression, quarantine 

@zephasaurus_hex I'm managing to read, but I really have to force it. Like "50 pages, and then you can put the book down for the day"

I also keep picking up depressing or dark books by accident! :blobugh:

Really what I need are fun romances, but I don't think I can read 4 books at the same time.

Strength in this trying time, let me know if you need any advice. ๐Ÿ’œ

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