I know it specifically tags them "We Need Diverse Books" and not "Own Voices" but 😬 over "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime" being in this list.

1. It's unspecified in the book, only labeled as "Aspergers" in the jacket copy.
2. It's a... lacking depiction


@lapis it's frustrating because I see it recommended a *lot* by NTs who think it's a great representation and have only heard bad things from actual autistics. Granted I haven't read it myself, but that kind of tells me the NTs aren't listening and I probably don't trust them or their opinions.

@zephasaurus_hex I will confess I don't completely hate the book. It's a really interesting premise where it's a faux mystery-book.

If it were any other book I'd probably fawn over it! (It's also worth noting I read it BEFORE I was diagnosed, which certainly meant I didn't pick up on everything)

But it's like, yeah, it's great representation if you associate autism with never understanding anything and such.

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