I got my weekly subscription arrival notification from the comic store and the only thing on it was issue 1 of a new Hawkeye series.

"Wow, really!? That's great, I've missed Kate so much! I hope Thompson's still writing it!"

*to the googles*

Oh, no. It's about the *other* Hawkeye and written by some random dude. Gross.

So, Marvel's dead to me now. Yay!

(I'm actually still reading a few Marvel books, and I'm willing to hold out some hope. But I'm frustrated and without looking into the details too much I'm just noticing some distressing trends where we had a whole bunch of really great girl-centric queer progressive comics exploring new ground a few years ago and now it's all just gone away and they're rebooting things and most of the non-male writers seem to be gone and ARGH.

Seems like a good time to explore some other publishers.)

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