1) How was your 2019 reading? Did you read the things you wanted to? Did you like the things you read? Anything in particular you would recommend or want to share from your reading?

2) Any reading goals or hopes for 2020? New things coming out that are already on your list? Topics you want to explore?

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1) I liked most of what I read in 2019, though I didn't finish all of the things I meant to. I hit my goal of 50 books read but there's a *lot* of "currently reading" ones, including some I started in January.

Joining book clubs was a good idea, even when I couldn't finish the books. It introduced me to things I wouldn't have read otherwise that I really enjoyed, and cut past that "but I can't start this new book until I finish the last one!!" bullshit I have. New month, new book!


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I can get caught up in imaginary rules and used to feel weirdly guilty about starting a new book till I've finished the last ones. Realizing I can have a long current reading list and just *come back to things* made it a lot easier to keep reading and make it fun again.

My faves are mostly comics and I have way too much to say about them. I'll probably have to do a blog post in early 2020. :)

Top rec is"Die" by Kieron Gillen, though it's not an easy or straight-forward read.


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(Question 2: 2020 book goals)

More book club books! Maybe I'll even finish more of them, but no pressure!

I want to read more diverse authors and more non-fiction. I'm aiming for 1 non-fiction book per month. Topics: social justice, communism/socialism, religion.

"Return of the Thief" comes out in August and I am sooooo excited. I don't pre-order things but I'm thinking about it.

One thing I want to add in 2020 is talking more about what I'm reading.


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1. a. I think I recall promising to read at least 50 pages of something in Spanish. I DID NOT!
b. I like what I read for the most part, though I feel like I could have done a bit better reading . I had to search my brain to see if I'd read ANYTHING by an indigenous author. It took forever but I came up with a comic I read.
c. The Wayward Children series by Seanan McGuire is v good. And please read Odd One Out by Nic Stone.



2. I think I'd like to read more consciously in 2020. I know reading is supposed to be a relaxing activity for me, but going through Odd One Out like I was an English major was pretty fun, and now I feel like there's no point in reading books with a message if I'm going to be in the backseat napping.
I already preordered the 5th Wayward Children book.
And maybe I should do that Spanish reading, idk.


@zephasaurus_hex It was pretty dire, but not the worst year ever.
I eventually finished the Vorrh trilogy by B. Catling, which towards the end felt a lot like hard work. My favorite thing to read was Lost Mars, a collection of vintage science fiction by Michael Ashley, which I plan to re-read soon. I bounced on a Tanith Lee novel for the first time in my life
Currently reading Death Panels, a volume of comics criticism by Noah Berlatsky. It is also starting to feel like work. /1

@zephasaurus_hex Goals: There is at least one unread novel on my shelves, and I'll be happy if I find the time and focus to read that, and generally read a little more than in previous years. I'll be cutting my hours at work next year, so there may be an opportunity for that. /2

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