I got an ereader for my birthday a few months ago and it's *great* and I love that when I go somewhere I can have *many* books in a tiny light thing so really there's no need to pack paper books.


What if I'm somewhere I can't use it for some reason? 😱 Or, like, all electricity everywhere stopped working? And I had no books!?!

So I still bring paper books everywhere. πŸ™„

I'm ridiculous and I'm ok with that.

@zephasaurus_hex OK, yeah. But seriously, a USB battery is a good accessory to take with you :)

@zephasaurus_hex I totally understand, if it wasn't for the fact I literally BROKE A PURSE carrying books, I'd do it too.

Electricity: Battery should last longer than it does on your phone (especially if it's e-ink). You can also make it last longer by turning the brightness down, turning off wi-fi (even if you're not connected, it's still searching for spots), etc. Don't forget to reset it once in a while!

Your other electricity worries, all I can say is, we will have books, I promise.

@lapis Yeah, I probably don't actually have to be concerned. I last charged it 2 weeks ago, use it fairly regularly and it's still at about 60%. It's not a rational thought.

There is the possibility it might *break* and then I'd be out of luck, but I'm reasonably careful with it.

Worth nothing I also used to hide my cheap paperbacks under my seat when we left the car as a kid in case someone passed and was like "Score! Just want I wanted to read! *Yoink*" My nothing-to-read fear goes way back.

@zephasaurus_hex I always bring at least 3 different things to read or do. Too many doctor's office visits or car trips as a child X_X Hence why one can break their purse by stuffing 5 books in it. I DID have a scarf that day, so I had a spare strap in theory.

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