Looking for book recs for and came across one about an autistic character. Written by (as far as I can tell) a non-autistic writer.

I'm happy for representation but don't really trust NT people to do it?? But then I was thinking "huh, maybe I should write a book instead" but like. I don't know how to *write* autism, it's just my life? I don't know how to fictionalize it for other people, I don't know how NT thoughts and experiences differ and what would be worth describing.

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Also thinking about/writing *that* made me realize that when I've written fiction in the past and had characters who thought/acted like me....I probably *was* writing autistic characters but never would have thought of describing that way?

I got diagnosed early but wasn't told what it meant and for soooo long and didn't really get it till I met other autistics.

So I guess I would write/have written autistic characters by just trying to write a relatable everyperson? XD

@zephasaurus_hex Yeah! you write that book!!!! :blobcheer:
And I think that's a strength that you don't know how to write autism. Your book would probably not be very fun if it looked like you looked at the DSM V and just inserted traits without understanding them.

But you understand yourself (at least to some extent).

I read Queens of Geek yesterday and highly recommend it btw. Bisexual autistic author splits those experiences into two people.

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