Heyyyyyy I'm home from work and super tired but I'm gonna finish this episode and get it uploaded because I promised myself and the very small number of other people who care about my podcast at all!

It's gonna be pretty hands-off editing, though. Mostly just listening for any really distracting problems like unsynced tracks. Leaving in a lot of "ums" and awkward asthama-laughs and other weird embarrassing stuff I would normally edit out with great care.


Ok so maybe it'll get finished tomorrow after work. But I got most of it! I just have 45 minutes left of an original 2.5 hours of content!

And, more importantly, I've learned from this that editing doesn't actually require several hours of uninterrupted focus. I did about 20 minutes before work this morning, a little more before dinner, etc.

I think I can do a better job in the future by breaking it into small chunks and just doing it whenever I find a few minutes free.


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