Two unrelated book-type questions.

1 - For cozy mystery fans, what's a good one to start with? I know I have friends who love these and I'm curious but there's so many and they all sound the same to me, I have no idea what to look for.

2 - For other zine do you store them? Currently they're all in one box but it's so hard to organize them w/the size differences.

@zephasaurus_hex for cozy mysteries: what kind of other genres do you like reading? Do you like kitsch or more serious books? How do you feel about cat protagonists (or very nearly protagonists)?

@doctorsidrat I *love* cat protagonists!!!

Otherwise, I read a lot of YA and comics, not a lot of very serious sense stuff. (Well, not-fiction sometimes, but that's a whole other thing.) Will jump on anything with queer characters and themes. Or unapologetically girly characters doing cool things and being awesome.

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