Zine Fest! My second favorite day of the year.

I got many many awesome things, forgot to go back and get a couple I wanted for a friend, but still very cool.

Also one of the artists I know from the local comic shop made a Fall Out Boy fanzine and it's perfect and I love it.

There's also a local ghost zine I haven't read yet but wow good timing I'm so in the mood for spooky.

Can't wait till next year.


So many of them were things vaguely like the FOB zine, or book reviews, or half-baked game ideas. I've thought quite a bit about doing zines but always think I don't have anything to say anyone else wants to read, or won't have time and energy to make it polished.

But people are here selling their hand-written rambles about FOB or Baby-Sitters Club and I *love* that sort of thing! I can do that!

I'll have to think about that some more.

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