June mainly for myself but also whoever wants to join in.

Books that had a major influence on your worldview. Informing, challenging, outright tearing it down or introducing something completely new, etc.

I'm gonna try to do one a day.

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- Books that influenced my worldview.

1 - Good Omens

Looking back on it, it doesn't even really say anything hugely controversial or new. But I was raised Baptist and it was a big deal at the time (early college). And it spoke to a lot of my concerns about the fairness of anybody being damned, how sin could even exist if God didn't want it, etc.

Just reading it was also a bit rebellious, one of the first things I bought I knew my mom wouldn't want me to have, so there's that.

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Influential books day 2

Gonna get an embarrassing one out of the way right off. ๐Ÿ˜†

Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell

Ugh, I'm sorry. I don't recommend it. I *definitely* don't recommend reading more than one of his, or watching his videos. They're very same-y and it gets old and fake-feeling.

But my school's queer club read it together and it was the one that started me reading religious stuff and building my own faith, probably started me on the path to seminary. So, influential.

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It wasn't that I wasn't reading, but videogames mostly influenced my worldview for a long time (and still do!). And this is a problem, because representation in videogames in the 90s was probably even worse than it was in the reading world. So I mostly learned to relate to boys. Doesn't help when you're supposed to hang out with girls. ๐Ÿ˜…

Then in my adulthood, I was introduced to this series I _should_ have found in my childhood. Song of the Lionness.


Basic premise is that Alanna wants to be a knight but girls can't be knights so she pretends to be a boy and also there's romance. I was big into manga as a child, so I had seen the crossdressing thing before, but usually on a flimsier premise. Plus always the girl xdressing would be a damsel that needed a boy to kick ass for her and save her a bunch. Fuck that. Alanna can kick plenty of ass.


These are basically the books I needed in my childhood when I was fucking obsessed with Joan of Arc. (Long story, my brother set me up in his catholic college library while he did homework or workstudy and would put on documentaries in a viewing room, and I got addicted to the Joan of Arc ones)

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