Looking forward to tomorrow with some because I have a long day ahead and need something nice to think about.

1 - What's the longest fanfic you've ever read?

2 - The shortest?

3 - What fanfic have you re-read the most times?

4 - If you *had* to, what fanfic do you think you could write on the spot right now?


"4 - If you *had* to, what fanfic do you think you could write on the spot right now?"

Magic: the Gathering - Planeswalker high school AU πŸ˜†

My partner and I recently got back into playing, I was not actually aware M:tG *had* an actual story, but now I just find the planeswalkers adorable and faascinating. Have a few decks planned that remind me of The Breakfast Club and it has me thinking "eh, yeah, I could definitely write that."

Almost certainly won't, though.

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@zephasaurus_hex Oh, you haven't heard me gush about Ravnica or Innistrad enough? :D

But yes, very very long story with lots of people and places. Here's an informative 6 minute video that starts at the beginning: youtu.be/_bMDzCHPXmM (including the origin of Karn, mtg's second saddest robot)

@zephasaurus_hex I was even hoping to start a D&D campaign set during the Dark Ascension storyline someday: youtu.be/sn-mZusg9tA (horror themes, blood)

@Mycroft I really do not have the energy for that right now but will definitely check it out later, thanks!

I love Innistrad so much. I missed a lot in the time I wasn't playing. I always thought M:tG was about math and strategy and I have so little interest in that.

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